Binance coin vote and three most straightforward ways to receive rewards

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Binance provides a diverse ecosystem for the crypto market. In addition to allowing users to trade, invest, staking, save to earn coins. In addition, users can participate in the Binance coin vote program for a chance to receive hundreds of dollars in rewards if the project’s tokens win.

What is Vote Coin on Binance?

Binance allows users to choose their favorite coin and vote for one of the two selected projects in each round. Each round, Binance sets two coins. The project with the most votes is the next project listed on At that time, the user who voted correctly will receive a reward according to the number of votes.

Terms and conditions of Binance coin vote

  • Binance publishes the list of winners in each voting round
  • The tokens of the winning project are displayed on Binance after the vote, depending on which stage the project is in.
  • Users can only vote for one coin in all votes, cannot vote for both coins at the same time.
  • After each round of voting ends, users receive a reward for the next two weeks.
  • During the voting process, projects are selected at random, not in a predefined display order to ensure transparency.

Benefits and rewards for participants

  • Depending on the project, all participants who vote for the winning coin are divided into the total reward of that project’s tokens, proportionally based on the number of votes of each person.
  • Those who vote for the runner-up project are distributed an amount of BNB according to the program of each voting round. The amount of BNB received is based on the number of votes participated.
  • Each winning vote = (1 / Total number of winning votes) * Total number of rewards
  • Each second-place vote = (1 / Total number of second-place votes) * Total number of shares awarded to the runner-up.
  • In addition, each participant who votes when sharing on Twitter has a chance to receive 1 of 10 rewards worth $300 if that coin wins.

How to vote the coin in the Binance?

Login to your account on Binance. If you don’t have a Binance account, register using the link below:

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Vote the coin on Binance at the link:

Select [Learn more about this project] to find out information about the project in the voting round.

How to vote the coin in the Binance?

The project details page contains all the information related to the project and the token, including What is that project? Key Indices (price, current total supply, initial total supply, 24-hour market cap, 24-hour volume); Token Sale News and Data; Allocate tokens; Token release schedule; Development activities and community social data… With the information provided on the detail page, users can understand the most overview of the project and token to compare and vote.

After selecting the project, you want to vote on, click [Community Vote Application] in the right corner of the screen.

[Community Vote Application] - Binance coin vote

After the voting period, the results are posted publicly. After two weeks, the winners receive rewards in proportion to the votes cast.

How to share your vote on Twitter to receive a $300 reward?

Binance usually has a Twitter Share Your Vote campaign with each voting round. Binance randomly selects ten lucky people. Each person is rewarded with $300 equivalent to the winner’s token.

The duration of the program depends on the specific exam round. How to participate in voting share as follows:

  1. Follow @Binance on Twitter
  2. Follow the voted project
  3. Tweet about your vote. Tag @Binance and voted project.
  4. The tags are tagged according to the structure: #Vote[Name of the token voted]. For example: #VoteMDT, #VoteTT…
How to share your vote on Twitter to receive a $300 reward?

Conditions for receiving Twitter Share Your Vote campaign rewards:

  • Binance selects 10 random winners
  • Each eligible Binance account is entitled to a maximum of 1 prize only
  • Winner must follow @Binance and winning project on Twitter
  • Winners must tag with #Vote[Token Name] the project of their choice in their tweet.
  • If you win, you must provide your Binance account registration email that participated in the vote.
  • The equivalent prize of $300 is the winning project token.
  • Rewards are received within 14 days after the voting round ends. Users check their prizes in [Distribution History] in the account management center.

Participating in Vote coin on Binance is an opportunity to help users participate in selecting reputable coins for listing. In addition, each participant is rewarded with upcoming tokens and can profit after the reward tokens increase in price. It is quite an exciting feature of Binance for Community users and other professional trading and earning features.

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