Binance has become the official sponsor for the SS Lazio club

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Binance has become the main sponsor of SS Lazio football club.

The football industry has been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. The European market is down 13% in the 2019/20 season, with revenue down 3.7 billion euros. Italy’s Serie A is down 18% year-on-year, with incomes equivalent to 2.1 billion euros. This landscape has fueled momentum towards digitization, with the advent of innovative solutions to generate more revenue, such as Fan Tokens. And this is also a reason why Binance decided to sponsor SS Lazio football club.

Football and blockchain: Many clubs launch their Fan Token

Binance has become the official sponsor for the SS Lazio club

Fan Token is a digital product based on blockchain technology. This product guarantees its owner a variety of benefits. For example, get discounts, promotions, priority access to buy tickets to matches, participate in exclusive events, participate in club decisions.

Fan token is a new way to generate revenue by creating a virtual community to exchange goods and services in which token holders can actively participate in decision-making choices. This product also helps teams reach closer to fans on all continents. Fans from all over the world can show their passion for their favorite football team through blockchain.

Binance has become the official sponsor for the SS Lazio club

Binance has become the official sponsor for the SS Lazio club

The main Jersey sponsor of SS Lazio is Binance. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. Binance CEO and co-founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said: “Fan Token will revolutionize the sports industry for both clubs and fans. Lazio fans will be able to collect Binance Fan Tokens and NFT offers, enjoying exclusive voting rights on certain Club decisions. In addition, fans can unlock Fan Badges and receive unique rewards based on their engagement. Then collect autographed products and even meet the champion of your favorite football team in person. Binance Fan Tokens are a fun way for fans to engage more meaningfully with their favorite teams and provide an opportunity for Clubs to reach out to their fans truly. “

Some information about the Fan Token market

The Fan Token market is generating exciting numbers and is proliferating. According to FanMarketCap data at press time, the market capitalization of all Fan Tokens is around $420 million. This number is 61.5% more than the total value of $260 million recorded in mid-June 2021. The daily trading volume of the Fan Token market is in the tens of millions of dollars.

We can see Manchester City in third place on the leaderboard with a Market Value of $39.53 million. In second place is SS Lazio, with a Market Value of $41.79 million. And in the first place is Paris Saint-Germain with a Market Value of $50.57 million.

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