Binance in Europe appoints 3 important positions

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The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Tuesday that the company has appointed three key positions for the European market. Specifically, Binance in Europe will have 3 new names including Vladimir Smerkis, Olga Goncharov, and Kyryla Khomiakov.

Binance in Europe appoints 3 important positions

Binance adds human resources to Russia and Ukraine markets

All three positions are very important to Binance in Europe. Binance said it has appointed Olga Goncharova as its Director of Public Relations in Russia. Along with that, Vladimir Smerkis was appointed as the Director of Binance in Russia. And finally, Kyryla Khomiakov was appointed as the head of Binance in Ukraine. Kyryla Khomiakov who previously headed the public infrastructure projects agency.

“We understand the importance of attracting top experts in marketing, business, and public relations, locally and globally,” said Gleb Kostarev, Head of Eastern Europe at Binance. These missions will have a positive impact on Binance’s growing presence in Eastern Europe. ”

Prior to her appointment at Binance, Goncharova worked at the central bank of Russia for the past seven years. He is highly regarded for his Russian financial law competence and experience in the field of digital transformation.

Goncharova’s job was to establish systematic relations with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Along with that is the implementation of initiatives related to both traditional finance and the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Vladimir Smerkis, founder of crypto fund platform Tokenbox and former employee of will take on a new job at Binance. He will promote the communication of Binance in Russia and legalize the blockchain industry in Russia.

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