Fees: How to view and calculate fees on mobile phone

TutorialsSeptember 20, 2021 – Top Online Cryptocurrency Courses from $9.99 Get now! fees are one of the vital information that is always interested by investors. When you know the details of the transaction fees of each security code, you will calculate it to come up with a suitable trading strategy, thereby optimizing your investment strategy. This article will learn about transaction fees and how to view the transaction fees of a specific ticker on your phone. Fees: How to view and calculate fees on mobile phone 1 withdrawal on mobile phone and withdrawal fee

What are transaction fees?

A transaction fee is a fee that you pay your broker (here, an amount each time your trade is completed. Each stock ticker on has a different price.

On, the transaction fee is usually based on the spread of the difference between the bid and ask prices. This is considered compensation for your use of the platform for trading.

In addition, you also have to pay fees for leveraged trades. This fee will be calculated as a percentage (%). This fee is like paying interest on the amount you borrowed from Capital.Com to trade.

How to calculate transaction fees on

Overnight fees on are calculated as a percentage. If you open a leveraged position overnight, you will be charged an overnight fee. This ratio is different between the Buy (long) and Ask (short) price relative to the leverage ratio.

The formula for calculating swaps for stocks is as follows:

Trading volume * Closing price * (3% +/- LIBOR)/100%/365 (or 360)

  • Trading Volume: The number of shares you buy.
  • Closing price: The price of that stock at the time of closing price (usually at 22h UTC).
  • 3% is’s rate of return.
  • LIBOR: 1-month term interbank interest rate.
  • Stocks using the GBP currency will be divided by 365.
  • Stocks in other currencies are divided by 360.


  • You buy 10 shares of Netflix, the closing price is $260. LIBOR of USD that day was 1.44%.
  • Your overnight fee for that day’s trade will be:
  • 10 shares * $260 * (3%+1.44%)/100%/360 = $0.32.
  • That means you will be charged $0.32 for an overnight order to buy Netflix stock.

The formula for calculating overnight forex on is as follows:

Trading Volume * (0.07% +/- Premature Ratio)

  • The forward rate is the difference between the interest rates of the two currencies in the currency pair.

Spread (dynamic spread) on = Ask price – Ask price. Fees: How to See Fees for a Stock on mobile phone

Two types of transaction fees on You can see details in each asset class. Here’s how to watch it on your phone:

Step 1: To view the prices for a particular security on, you need to log in to your account. Then click [Search] to select a stock code you want to view information about.

If you do not have a account, please register at the link:

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Step 2: On the [Transaction] window of that stock code, scroll down to see the detailed information:

  • Swap Fee: is the fee charged based on the leverage you use.
  • Dynamic Spread: The difference between the bid and ask prices


Here’s how to view and calculate detailed transaction fees for an asset on You can see that only charges on the spread of each purchase. If no leverage is used, the spread is the minimum fee any broker has. In addition, you do not incur any other costs. In particular, the spread on is also quite comfortable, which is a plus point for this broker.

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