review: Is a scam or not?

ReviewsAugust 30, 2021 – Top Online Cryptocurrency Courses from $9.99 Get now! review: Is a scam or not? Many online brokers on the market claim to be 100% legit and offer the best trading services. However, not all exchanges are what they advertise. Traders can often lose their money and even have their personal information stolen. One broker currently attracting a lot of attention is, and this article will help you find out if is a scam or a legit broker. review: Is a scam broker?

Finding out if a broker is a scam is relatively easy. To answer this question, we need to learn some basic information such as: when did the broker launch? Is that floor managed by reputable agencies? What are the user reviews like? Is the deposit, withdrawal, transaction fee transparent or not? And here, we will find out if is legit or a scam.

When was launched? review: is relatively new to the online trading market. They launched their service in 2017. With a new online exchange born, it needs to be researched more information than other established exchanges. Since launching in 2017, we’ve seen that Capital has expanded quite rapidly, adding new features and services to its platform and focusing heavily on user experience and customer service. . With any broker, caution is required before investing, especially as a new broker, so we need to learn more about in the time after launch.

Is trustworthy? was recently awarded Best Online Trading Platform 2020, Europe’s Most Transparent Brokerage Provider, and Most Innovative Broker 2020.

This is not the only trading platform that wins awards, and even scam brokers can sometimes win a prize or two. Winning various awards, however, is a good sign of legitimacy. In our view, Capital has rapidly expanded and gained recognition in the industry, indicating that they are trustworthy.

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One of the most important things to consider when looking for an online trader is whether they have the right regulations. Many regulatory bodies exist for online brokers, and some are more reputable than others. These agencies help keep brokers compliant and ensure that they fulfill their obligations to clients.

Regulated brokers are closely monitored by the financial regulators of their respective countries and are therefore required to comply with the regulations. Meaning that multiple authorities will fully regulate a legitimate broker.

Simply put, your money is safe with a regulated broker because they are accountable to the regulatory authorities. If you do not find this regulation, then most likely, the broker is scamming. is a fully regulated CFD broker that includes:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the regulator of the financial services industry in the UK;
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec);
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • And National Bank – National Bank of Belarus.

These are the world’s leading prestigious financial regulatory agencies. This information indicates that qualifies as a legitimate and trustworthy company.

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Is safe?

Having regulations is a positive sign, but judging how safe a broker is is not the only factor. A broker needs plans to protect clients’ funds and ensure the security of their personal information.

  • is protected in the UK by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSC) up to £85,000.
  • In the EU, the fund is up to 20,000 Euros. Protected through the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).
  • All deposits are kept separate from the company by reputable banks such as RBS in the UK.

This is a clear sign that has no signs of a scam as they didn’t even have access to the funds in the first place.

Their website is protected with SSL encryption which provides another small indication that they are secure. Deloitte audits accounts, and important information documents are publicly displayed on the website. This is a great sign of transparency within the company, and it shows that they work fairly transparently.

Is the platform a scam?

A legitimate exchange has good security, but if their trading platform provides a good experience, it is not necessarily safe with customers’ investment money. Many online platforms claim to offer a seamless trading experience. But what does this mean for the customer, and why is it important?
An easy-to-use application with fast loading times is significant for online traders. Can you imagine at critical moments, the exchange lags, your investment will be like? When comparing with other apps, it has an average fast load time of 2.5 seconds, which is a pretty good score. has developed an AI-powered app that uses eQ detection to help you understand trading psychology. The platform has a comprehensive investment strategy that encourages traders to develop personalized trading insights. This is a rare feature found in other brokers, even legitimate ones. It does not prove that Capital is legit, but it shows the true desire of traders who are fully skilled in trading for the best investment results.

Is a scam or not’s Transaction Fees and Spreads

Even if a broker has all the signs of legitimacy, they can still scam to withdraw clients’ funds with huge fees and spreads. With, we find that the fee system is very transparent.
The broker has competitive spreads and no hidden fees. Low transaction fees are positive as it provides a fair trading experience. The exchange also has no deposit or withdrawal fees which is an added plus for the floor. Competitiveness can be seen when comparing Capital’s fees and spreads against other brokers.

Is a scam or not Customer Service Rating

Efficient and fast customer service is of the utmost importance to online traders. When reading a broker’s review, there are many negative reviews about trading platforms – from customers. Sometimes it can be the customer’s fault, but if there are too many negative reviews, then it is very likely that the broker has a serious platform problem or could be a sign of a scam.

It looks like has invested heavily in customer support. They claim it takes seconds to respond to customer inquiries. customer support is available 24/7 via phone, email, live chat, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber.

This is another clear sign that is not a scam, as unreliable brokers usually only have one or two methods to get in touch. If a trader has problems, a quick and easy customer service system can help clients solve these problems.

Capital’s customer support staff speak 8 different languages ​​, including English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. There is also a detailed FAQ page on the site with helpful answers to the most common questions.

Open a account now review: Does have trusted partners?

Another way to gauge a broker’s legitimacy is to see if they have any partnerships with trusted platforms. After some research, we discovered that has partnerships with Tradingview and, both of which are among the top financial websites in the world. The fact that has a partnership with both is a major sign of credibility.

Is a scam or not

Conclusion: Is a scam or not? seems to be a safe and reliable choice if you are looking for a legit CFD broker. We looked at regulatory agencies, reviews, customer support, and trading experience to come up with this verdict, and as you can see, all the signs are positive. is primarily a CFD broker, offering commodities, stocks, indices, and forex CFDs.

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