Contact Neteller support when you have an error or need help

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When using the Neteller e-wallet, you encounter some problems or errors such as not being able to verify your account, being limited in your account, or sometimes urging them to verify your account soon. At this point, we need to contact the department: Neteller Support – Neteller Customer Service for help in understanding the cause and resolving the issue. Proactively getting Neteller will help them check for problems with your account, transactions, etc., quickly and accurately.

The following article shows you a simple way to contact Neteller quickly. Please note that, before getting support, you need to recheck your Neteller account.

There are two ways to contact Neteller

  • Call: Solved quite quickly, but only in some languages
  • Send an email: Get a reply within 24 hours.

Contact Neteller support by Message.

Step 1: Go to Contact Us

You access your Neteller account and click on Contact Us on the homepage. When a message appears, you continue to press Contact Us on the notification to display the interface as shown below. Here you can choose to use Message us (send mail) or Call us (call).

Step 2: Choose to use Message us.

Please choose the correct type of support and present your problem in English clearly and meaningfully. Then click the Send Message button to complete.

  • The Category has three options: Account, Payments, Security.
  • Problem: corresponding to the above three categories, Neteller lists each problem that users encounter
  • Message: This is the part you write yourself in English, clearly and meaningfully presenting the problem you face and need support.

Neteller receives and handles your problem within 24 hours. The customer department will contact you or notify the processing results by email to register your Neteller account. Please check your email regularly.

Contact Neteller support by Call.

Step 1: Go to Contact Us

You do the same as above in step 1

Step 2: Choose to use Call us.

If the problem needs to be solved urgently, you should use Call.

For example, for Vietnamese customers, you choose Country as International. The interface displays switchboard information for you to contact, which:

  • The phone number is the phone number that supports Neteller’s service. When calling from Vietnam, you add the prefix “00”. Example: 00-44-2033089525
  • Caller ID is a 5-digit passcode valid within 1 hour. The operator asks for this code when providing support. This code helps the operator know which accounts are supported.

UK time support switchboard.

The operator then asks you for personal information to ensure the support caller is the account holder.

You should prepare the content of the question in advance to avoid wasting time. You can have a pen and paper ready to take notes if needed.

The above are the two fastest ways to contact Neteller if you need quick support to handle problems related to your Neteller account. Making calls is more efficient than sending messages. However, you can also combine both ways to increase the rate of timely support but also not send too many messages for the same problem.

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