Copy-trading: should you rely on eToro to invest?

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Underpinned by a consolidated presence in more than 100 countries around the world, the unwavering growth of investors, by 2021 reaching a record 23 million and success marked by the recent listing decision. Here on Nasdaq, eToro strengthens its position in the market, becoming one of the most popular brokers for online investments. Credits for an offer that include trading with CFDs, direct access to the markets in DMA mode, investing in stocks with zero commissions, but above all an extremely intuitive dashboard allows you to take advantage of many features.

Copy-trading: should you rely on eToro to invest?

The most interesting aspect of eToro, however, is above all the copy trading, the innovative service that allows users to automatically replicate the investment choices made by other savers. In fact, Etoro was among the first brokers to launch this particular service, which immediately achieved high success all over the world. eToro’s copy trading was created in particular to help users operate even if they have not acquired their own investment methodology, perhaps through study or experience in the field. However, over time it has become a precious resource for many traders, even the most experienced ones, who have found in this instrument a valid ally to their classic trading.

In fact, copy trading allows you to invest even if you don’t have enough time to observe the financial markets and do those fundamental graphical analyzes to engage in online trading full time. Of course, accessing eToro’s copy trading is simple: just connect to the dashboard, choose one of the many top investors in the broker community in the dedicated editor’s area, and enter the amount allocated for the copy operation.

Etoro: services, features and demo account.

The interface that eToro offers to users has everything they need to trade, that is a wide range of assets at hand, an extremely fast sending of orders to the market, and a vast amount of customizable charts with indicators for the technical analysis. Furthermore, to start investing, just follow the registration process on the official website, log in with the credentials entered during account creation and open a real account. The amount for the first payment is 200 dollars – if the transaction is made by debit or credit card – and 500 dollars if you prefer to opt for a bank transfer, while subsequently, you can choose the amount to be paid in perfect autonomy.

Of course, eToro gives all its users the opportunity to practice with an unlimited demo account, accessible at any time by simply clicking on a switch button. As for costs, the broker provides a spread for each executed with a rather low value, but variable according to the type of asset selected and the trading hours, generally more competitive in the standard trading hours of regulated markets. You should be noted that there is a fixed withdrawal fee, equal to 5 dollars, in addition to a currency fee of 0.5%, due to the conversion of the balance into US dollars.

Reliability and safety: the certifications that reward eToro

In addition to the quality of the service, the presence of an extensive list of assets and the best offers on the cryptocurrency market make eToro one of the best brokers of the moment. In just three months, it added 5 million new users, that’s for sure. Etoro is certified by many regulations around the world. The broker is authorized to operate in Europe by Cysec, in the UK by the FCA, in Australia by ASIC, and in Italy by Consob, the independent administrative body for the ongoing protection of investors. Participate in the identification of abusive financial intermediaries.

Consob, which recently dropped its ax on more than 540 companies that provided access to financial services without any authorization, instead included eToro in the list of authorized investment firms without branches to protect investors and their trading accounts.

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