Cryptocurrency Future and Cryptocurrency Investment Notes

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What will the future of cryptocurrency look like? In April 2021, the coin market peaked, BTC crossed the $64,000 mark, then corrected to the $30,000 mark to the surprise of many investors. The coin market always opens up many good investment opportunities and contains many risks if you do not understand the market and invest in junk coins. This article will learn about the future of cryptocurrencies and the notes when participating in the market.

Cryptocurrency Future

Potential of the future cryptocurrency market

To talk about the potential of the cryptocurrency market, let’s take a look at the historical growth of the cryptocurrency market. To talk about this, we will take Bitcoin as a representative – the first cryptocurrency to appear in the world.

Advantages that demonstrate the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies

  • Cryptocurrency is a decentralized technology product that is not subject to any regulatory authority. Therefore, it isn’t easy to manipulate.
  • People have always known about cryptocurrencies because of their convenience. Anyone can easily set up their own crypto wallet and do not need to declare personal information.
  • The demand for cross-border transactions is increasing day by day. Therefore, the transaction is fast, is not limited in space, time, and low transaction fee… makes cryptocurrencies more attractive.
  • Cryptocurrency is secured in blockchain, so it is highly secure and cannot be faked. All transaction data is recorded and cannot be changed.

With the above advantages, the cryptocurrency market is increasingly appreciated and widely applied in life. With the current continuous development, it will not be surprising that the future of cryptocurrency is included in more payment channels.

The world’s recognition for the crypto future

If historically, cryptocurrencies were not accepted by any person in the financial world. Currently, this market is constantly receiving attention from Bigtech circles and several central banks and countries worldwide.

  • Millionaire Kevin O’Leary once considered Bitcoin trash, but he recently allocated 3% of his portfolio to BTC.
  • In addition, PayPal, Tesla, Visa … a series of “big guys” made announcements about accepting payments in cryptocurrency.
  • Some central banks are beginning to intend to use BTC in their trading services.
  • And on June 9, El Salvador officially became the first country to recognize Bitcoin as a legal means of payment.

The price growth rate of BTC in particular and cryptocurrencies in general

After appearing 12 years ago, Bitcoin has matured and has a special place as a big brother in the cryptocurrency market. If BTC could only buy 2 Pizzas in history, now BTC is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Despite always being called a “worthless thing” and having been killed hundreds of times, Bitcoin continues to rise in price and holds the leading position in the investment market in terms of growth.

If 3 years ago, BTC made the whole world “crazy” with a price of several thousand dollars. Then in 2020, early in 2021, BTC had times approaching the 65,000 USD mark. And at the time of writing, after correcting to the $30,000 mark, BTC is now recovering and gaining momentum again at over $46,000.

Bitcoin ROI vs Gold and S&P 500

Bitcoin ROI vs. Gold and S&P 500

Not only BTC, but ETH is also the 2nd largest coin in the market. And far ahead of its elder brother, ETH recorded an investment performance of 4 times (+857.73%) and outperformed any major stocks (such as Microsoft, Tesla, Visa…).

The above is some evidence talking about the growth of the value of the cryptocurrency market. And investors have the right to expect the future of this market. And this is truly an attractive investment channel whose return on investment far exceeds that of any other major asset – this has been proven over the past 10 years. Especially at present, the cryptocurrency market is receiving more and more support from individuals and organizations. So it is not difficult to understand that this market can go further in the long term.

Introducing some reputable cryptocurrency investment platforms

To invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to open an account at a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to buy and own real cryptocurrency, you can easily transfer your cryptocurrency to any other wallet. You can refer to the Binance exchange.

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You learn how to buy the first coin following the instructions in the article: How to buy coins on Binance with fiat money fastest?

In addition, if you want to trade CFD coins on a stock exchange regulated by reputable regulatory agencies, you can refer to eToro exchange.

Tips for investing in cryptocurrency future

Looking back at the price movements of the past 10 years, we all believe in the growth potential of the coin market in the long-term future. This is a perfect investment opportunity, especially for technology and financial professionals. However, for new entrants to the market, extreme caution is required.

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is full of scam projects. Or if you do not have experience, it is also straightforward for you to invest at peak prices.

To make money from this market, you should join with idle money. In addition, you also need to have the knowledge and evaluate investment opportunities before investing large amounts of money. In particular, proper capital management and portfolio allocation also help you limit the risks from price fluctuations.

And in order not to fall into the situation of burning out your account, you absolutely do not use leverage when investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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