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Besides prestige, trading platforms, investment instruments, indicator tools, etc., fees that can seriously eat into your investment returns are also an important factor to determine whether it is a good broker or not.

For a full overview of all the fees on, please read the article below:

1. trading fees

Commission does not charge a commission on any trades, which is a big advantage for traders on over other brokers.

Overnight fee

The essence of using leverage is that you have little capital, but the broker lends you more money to open a larger position and increase profits. So for leveraged positions, you will have to pay a rollover fee if you hold the position through the day.

Unlike its competitors, only charges overnight fees based on the leverage provided rather than the total value of your position.

And overnight fees will be different for different assets. To see the overnight fee for each specific instrument, check here.


Spread is the difference between the Buy and the Ask price. The spread is always incorporated into the quoted rate and is not an additional fee to be paid by the trader.

Compared to most other brokers, the spread on Capital is rated as the best in the market. For example, a major forex pair like EUR/USD will have an average spread of only 0.00008.

Discover charges & fees on

Depending on the asset class, market conditions, and trading hours, the spread price will vary. Check the spread of each asset here.

2. Deposit/withdrawal fees does not charge any fees when you make a deposit/withdrawal on the platform.

3. Additional fees

Capital provides a more competitive service with almost all of their service free of charge so that you can be sure there will never be any hidden charges.

In addition, does not incur any additional fees such as:

  • Inactivity fee
  • Real-time quotes
  • Opening/Closing trades
  • Education material
  • Dynamic charts and indicators

In conclusion, compared to most reputable brokers, all fees on (trading fees, spreads) are assessed to be lower. Therefore, this is the ideal trading platform for all investors and traders, even day traders with high trading frequency or those who have small capital but want to participate in the financial market and make a profit.

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