Discover the general interface of MT4 (PC)

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Developed by MetaQuotes, MT4 is known to be a stable platform with a wide range of technical analysis and trading tools. Therefore, it is indispensable to understand the functions and interfaces of the trading platform to help them make the most of and effectively use the available tools. To better understand the features available on MT4, you can find out in the article below.

Immediately after logging into the MT4 platform, you will see the interface displayed as follows:

Discover the general interface of MT4 (PC)

1. Main Menu

All MT4 functions are displayed on the Main Menu. This menu bar is on the top left of the MT4 platform.

The main menu includes some functions such as:

  • File – Used to open a new chart, log in to your MT4 account or print.
  • View – Manage windows displayed on MT4, including: Market Watch, Toolbar, Data Window, Navigator, Terminal, Tester and customize the platform language.
  • Insert – Adds an indicator or drawing tool to the chart.
  • Charts – Used for editing charts.
  • Tools – Used to open new trades, open the indicator editing window, the robot or the MT4 software system.
  • Window – Function to change and adjust the price chart window.
  • Help – Instructions on how to use MT4.

2. Toolbars

The toolbar is just below the main menu. By default, the toolbar will display all four main functions, including:

  • Standard – Used to perform the main functions of the software such as opening and closing Market Watch, Navigator, Terminal.
  • Line Studies – Manage and edit drawing tools.
  • Timeframes – Manage time frames.
  • Charts – Use tools to change and adjust price charts.

In addition, you can open a window to place new orders or subscribe to signals, etc on the toolbars.

3. Market Watch

The Market Watch window is on the left side of the display. You will see a list of currency pairs and commodities here, along with information such as symbols, Bid-Ask prices, and daily change on this window.

Discover the general interface of MT4 (PC)

In addition, right-clicking on the symbol in the Market Watch window, you can:

  • Open a new order.
  • Open a new chart.
  • View Tick chart
  • Hide currency pairs
  • Open the Depth of Market window
  • And many other functions…

4. Data Window

To open the Data Window, click View on the menu bar -> select Data Window or type “Ctrl + D.” Some basic information related to the currency is shown such as

  • Currency pair name
  • Date
  • The specific time of day
  • Open, close, high, low price
  • Spread
  • Volume
  • Indicator

If you want to change the display information of another currency pair, double click on the currency pair on the Market Watch window (or move the mouse to the chart area). The basic data about that currency pair will be displayed in this edit window.

5. Navigator

Navigator window includes five main groups:

  • Account: The Accounts group includes the list of open accounts. Using a context menu, you can open a new demo account or delete the old one. If you have multiple accounts logged in on MT4, you can easily switch between accounts here.
  • Indicator: All basic indicators used for technical analysis will be displayed here. To impose the indicator into the active chart, right-click on the indicator and select “Attach to chart”. If you want to remove the indicator, right click on the indicator and select “Delete”.
  • EA trading robots: You can create a new expert, modify an existing one, and delete an expert from the terminal. Please right-click on the EA experts or use “Drag’n’Drop” technique to add them into the active chart. After that, when a new tick incomes, the expert will start working.
Discover the general interface of MT4 (PC)

6. Terminal

Terminal is a multifunctional window at the bottom of MT4. Terminal is intended for working with:

  • Trade – Manage your open trades or pending orders.
  • Exposure – View the status of the currency pair you are trading.
  • Account History – View transaction history.
  • News – Used to update new news.
  • Alerts – Notification of price movements.
  • Expert – Information about the trading robot EA.
  • And many other functions
Discover the general interface of MT4 (PC)

With the variety of tools and functions available on MT4, it takes time to practice, use and get used to the platform’s interface until you master it. In the following article, we will provide detailed instructions on using each tool to trade on the financial market.

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