Discover the trading platform of

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Traders and investors should understand the interface and trading platform before jumping to trade, which helps them effectively exploit all the features available on the broker. In the article below, we will guide you on how to use them best.

After log into your’s trading platform, you will see the interface displayed as follows:

Discover the trading platform of

1. The upper toolbar

The top toolbar includes the information, control tab, settings, and general management for the trading account. From left to right side, you can see the specific information and functions displayed as follows:

Discover the trading platform of

– Moon/sun icon: allows clients to change the interface color (dark or light).

– Available: the amount available in your free balance. You may use these funds to open new trades.

– Equity: the sum of your initial capital + existing profit/loss. In other words, it is the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions.

– Funds: the total amount of capital added into the trading account.

– P&L: the current sum of your gains and losses from all open trades.

– Margin: shows how much money is allocated to the investment instrument.

– 3-dots icon: allows you to add/remove parameters displayed on the toolbar (available, equity, funds, P&L, margin).

Discover the trading platform of

– Trading account: You may have more than one account. Here you can switch among different accounts or add more live/demo accounts. And this case, the account I’m trading is a CFD-2 demo account.

Discover the trading platform of

– Type of trading account (Live or Demo): Here, you can also view account details, change leverage, make a deposit or log out of the platform, etc.

Discover the trading platform of

2. The left toolbar

The menu on the left side of the screen presents the trading functions, including:

– Trade: allows you to search for specific assets and open BUY/SELL positions.

To search for a specific instrument, type its name in the “Search” box. Otherwise, you search it according to different markets (stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, forex) or categorized groups, namely:

  • Favorite
  • Most Traded
  • New
  • Top Risers

Discover the trading platform of

Click on each asset, you will see some related information, such as:

  • Chart: displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Trading information: bid/ask price, price range, market sentiment, trading hours, leverage, overnight fee, minimum trade size, etc., displayed on the right side of the screen.

– Discover: you can see assets that are most traded, most volatile, highest rising (risers), and falling most (fallers) during the day/week. In addition, you can look for updated news and learning materials here.

Discover the trading platform of

– Charts: charts of your favorite assets will be displayed here.

To add a chart of an asset, click “Add to Chart” in the “Trade” tab.

– Portfolio: displays current positions and pending orders.

Discover the trading platform of

– Report: deposit/withdrawal history and trading activities.

– Insights: you can follow upcoming economic events which can affect the market trend, predictions/analyses view, and featured trading ideas here.

– Settings: This function allows you to manage and edit information related to:

  • Account types: you can add/remove real/demo accounts, adjust account names & trading parameters (leverage), make withdrawals.
  • Personal details: display your account registration information.
  • Account password: you can change the account password here.
  • 2-factor authentication: you can make your account more secure with this function.
  • Platform settings: you can change language, time zone, chart default settings (timeframe, chart type).
  • Verification documents: upload documents for account verification.

Discover the trading platform of

I’ll give you a rapid overview of the main sections of After you’ve familiarized yourself with the trading platform, you can start practicing with your demo account and then place your own trades to earn money. Happy trading!

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