eToro Money debuts in the UK

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The eToro trading platform launched the eToro Money scheme across the UK on December 10. The program allows users to deposit and withdraw funds and manage their cryptocurrencies and other investments in one place.

eToro Club members will receive a free Visa debit card as part of their account with no setup costs or monthly fees. Non-club members will have access to an eToro Money classification code and personal account number allowing them to send and receive funds through the eToro platform and any UK bank account. There is no conversion fee for USD. 

eToro Debuts eToro Money in the UK

“I am proud and delighted that eToro Money is now available to all of our UK users. Doron Rosenblum, vice president of business solutions at eToro, said in the company announcement

“We know from our beta testing that eToro Money significantly improves our user experience, offering instant cash and cash withdrawals,” he said. “We look forward to adding more features to the eToro service and expanding our user base beyond the UK”

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To promote the program. Customers will receive a 3% cashback from eToro Money on all purchases made with an eToro Money card during the month of December.

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