eToro vs Binance: Unique Features

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Each trading platform will have its unique characteristics. We will need to compare these characteristics to choose a suitable exchange. We will take a look at the basic features of Binance vs eToro in the following article:

The complete review of the pros and cons of eToro vs. Binance

Unique features of eToro

The attraction of eToro is that this exchange includes many unique features. But in this article, we will only focus on four essential elements.

1. Social trading

eToro vs Binance: Unique Features
eToro has been considered a leader in social trading since 2010

eToro has been considered a leader in social trading since 2010. In addition, eToro functions as a miniature social network. Members of this community can interact with each other when transacting online.

eToro allows users to refer to the trading techniques of other investors. When investors make their accounts public, they allow other users to refer to their investment strategies.

2. Copy Transaction

The Copy Trading feature brings significant benefits to new investors. Users can choose to copy all or some of the trades of other experienced investors. Thereby they can learn more experience. And it is also possible to improve the level of profit brought from trading.

3. eToro Copy Portfolio™

What is eToro Copy Portfolio? Simply put, CopyPortfolios™ is a portfolio of integrated investment products. eToro has pre-made portfolio groups according to specific criteria. Users can choose to invest the funds that are right for them.

Investors will have funds dedicated to each financial market through this investment product.

4. Famous investors

This is a group of seasoned traders selected by eToro called experts. Experts will have to develop their trading strategies. They will not be allowed to copy the trades of other traders and professionals. And the experts will receive a monthly commission based on the volume of transactions that the copier has made.

Users will be able to review the multi-year investment history of professionals transparently and unambiguously.

Binance’s Unique Trading Platforms

The accompanying services of Binance have made this exchange special in the financial market. Here are the featured services of Binance:


Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform with very competitive fees. It is unclear whether this exchange will allow investing in cryptocurrencies through CFDs? But this leading platform allows you to store tokens and receive dividends.

2. Trust Wallet

eToro vs Binance: Unique Features
The Binance website provides Trust Wallet users

The Binance website provides Trust Wallet users. This is the e-wallet of the trading platform itself. Therefore, its role is to send, receive, and store altcoins.

3. Binance Jersey

Binance Jersey is the right trading tool to buy digital currencies by bank transfer. Using this tool, users can exchange fiat currency for crypto.

4. Binance Dex

Binance Dex is considered a decentralized global exchange based on the blockchain of Binance Coin. This is an excellent exchange to trade cryptocurrencies at competitive prices. Users can buy and sell crypto on Binance Dex without registering an account.

Above are some comparisons of the features of eToro vs Binance. In our opinion, eToro‘s features are suitable for novice traders. Especially with its social trading system. On the contrary, Binance does not provide social investment services.

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