eToro vs Webull: Compare fees, Features, and Customer Support

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Are you a new investor? Or are you already in the financial markets and looking for a new exchange? On the market today, many good brokers can help you achieve your dream of getting rich. This article will compare the two exchanges, eToro vs Webull. Have you heard of or used either of these exchanges? Please refer to the article below of Investiki for more trading options.

eToro vs Webull: Compare fees

eToro vs Webull: Compare fees, Features, and Customer Support

Account fee

eToro charges 0.09% commission per transaction. In addition, the applicable withdrawal fee is now five dollars per withdrawal. If a customer withdraws a currency other than dollars, eToro will also charge an additional conversion fee. This fee will depend on the currency the customer is using.

Webull does not charge trading fees for clients who trade stocks or ETFs. Users only pay the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) spread and trading fees. For customers using ACH, Webull will not charge withdrawal fees.

Deposit money into an account

The minimum amount for a client to deposit into eToro is $200. Customers can use credit and debit cards to top up. This exchange will not charge a fee when customers deposit money into the account. However, users can only use one currency per account.

Webull customers are not limited in the minimum amount deposited into their accounts. Webull has the support to make the deposit operation faster and easier. But clients who want to short the stock need to open a margin account. The client will have to deposit a minimum of $2,000 to open a margin account.

Compare features.

Pending transaction

Both eToro and Webull offer pending trading. Customers can place orders to automatically close and open orders when the market reaches certain conditions.

Trading Signals

eToro gives signals to users. Those interested in daily signals from top eToro traders can select that feature and add it to their watchlist. This way, they can get a real-time signal of every update on their account through the eToro app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Social trading & copy trading

There is no denying that eToro is a leading social trading network. This exchange has attracted millions of users across 140 countries and offers many novel social trading features. eToro also provides a copy trading feature for users. Users can refer to the transaction details of other users on this exchange. Then choose to copy part or all of those transactions automatically.

This is an essential feature for users just starting in the financial markets. This audience is inexperienced, so that this feature can obtain better results.

In addition, eToro also has a famous Investor category. Prominent investors are those who have to build their trading strategies. They are not allowed to copy the trades of other traders. Users can choose to copy these traders.

Webull also allows clients to automate their trading through copy trading. Users can follow profitable traders then automatically open and close trades.

Compare eToro and Webull customer support

eToro’s customer support is quite efficient. Recently eToro offered a live chat with customer care. In addition, customers can email and open support tickets on the customer support section of the eToro website.

eToro currently supports customers in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Webull also offers 24/7 customer support. Users can contact the customer service of this exchange by phone number or support email. However, Webull’s response to customer support requests is not timely.

The Webull exchange currently only supports customers in the United States, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, and Turkey.

eToro vs Webull: Trading platform

eToro vs Webull: Compare fees, Features, and Customer Support

eToro users can make transactions right on the web platform. Moreover, eToro’s mobile app is relatively user-friendly. And clients have access to markets and trading communities 24/7. Customers can easily search for trading products and features on eToro. But this app currently does not provide biometric authentication.

eToro users can use the mobile app in 25 languages. For example, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, French, and Arabic …

Webull provides desktop trading applications for windows and macs computers. This broker also provides users with applications and technical analysis tools that are quite easy to use. The interface of the mobile application is quite similar to the web platform.

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