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ReviewsJuly 27, 2021

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Binance is known as a leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Binance has a multifunctional ecosystem with features related to cryptocurrencies (Crypto) and blockchain.

The following article Investiki.com will help you learn about the interface of Binance on the web.

If you do not have a Binance account, you can open one by following the link below:

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In the right corner of the screen are the control tabs, settings, and manage the account.

homepage interface and special features on Binance

  • Moon/sun icons: You change the homepage color to a dark or light theme here.
  • The current currency on the screen is USD. You click to choose the currency you want to convert to your account.
  • You change the language at the next tab English.
  • To download the Binance app to your phone, click Download, a QR code will appear. Use your phone, open the camera to scan this code, and go to the Binance app download page.
  • Bell symbols are the notifications Binance sends you.
  • Human icon: This is where you can access your control panel, security settings, verify your account, or sign out of your account.
  • Tab Orders: This is where you manage your investments and transactions on Binance, such as view your transaction history, pending orders…
  • Tab Wallet: This is where you access your wallet to check your balance or view profit/loss analysis in your account.

The left corner of the screen is the place to access the trading and investment features of Binance:

homepage interface and special features on Binance 2

  • Tab NFT access to the NFT market. It is a blockchain digital art collection and trading marketplace. Here you can create or buy/sell NFTs.
  • The Finance tab gives you access to Binance investment features such as Binance Earn, Binance Pool, Cryptocurrency Lending, Binance Pay Card…
  • The Derivatives tab helps you get into the derivatives market (futures)
  • The Trading tab gives you access to Binance’s trading features such as coin Conversion, Spot Trading, Margin Trading, P2P.
  • The Market tab gives you quick access to the market price list. It is the market aggregator of all crypto products on Binance.
  • The Buy Crypto tab is a portal that helps you quickly buy/recharge your Binance account to start trading or investing.

The little square icon on the toolbar gives you access to the entire Binance ecosystem.

  • Exchange: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Exchange
  • Trading services for institutions
  • DEX: Fast and secure decentralized digital currency exchange.
  • Research: Enterprise-grade analytics and reports
  • Academy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Training and Instruction Center
  • Charity: Charity with blockchain
  • Labs: The incubator center for blockchain projects
  • Trust wallet: Official Binance Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Broker: A platform that integrates Binance’s trading features with a business’s website.
  • Cloud: Building a cryptocurrency exchange for businesses
  • Launchpad: Token issuance platform for blockchain projects.

Outstanding Features Introduced on Binance homepage.

Right under the toolbar on the homepage, you can quickly purchase coins to top up Binance by clicking the Buy Now button.

Below are the price lists of the coin pairs being traded on Binance. If you want to see more information, click on any coin pair to view.

Continue to scroll down, and there will be some information about the market. Here, if you want to see more information and properties, click View more market.

Right below the Market window, scroll down to see an introduction to the devices that can use Binance. Here, you select the device you are using, click to download Binance to the device. If you can’t find the right device, click the More download option.

At the bottom of the Binance app download section, it will introduce you to some channels to connect with the Binance community, such as:

  • 24/7 Support: Binance 24/7 Support Center.
  • Binance Blog: Blog announcing new news and updates of Binance.
  • Community: Binance user community channels by region, worldwide.
  • Careers: Job opportunities for you if you are interested and able to match with Binance.

If you want to go to the cryptocurrency trading page, you can immediately click Trade Now below the connection information of Binance.

Finally, at the bottom of Binance’s interface is a summary of introductory information about Binance, Binance products, Binance platform, support information, courses…

Above is a brief introduction of Investi.com about the interface on the homepage of Binance. In the following articles, we will introduce the interface of each feature on Binance so that you can more easily access this ecosystem.


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