Fees Capital.com: Are really low? Compare Capital.com fees with other brokers

ReviewsOctober 6, 2021

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Capital.com’s fees are generally relatively low compared to other brokers. For traders, this is a big plus of Capital.com. Traders are typically charged no or only a small fee for using Capital.com. Does Capital.com have lower fees than other brokers? This article will explore the details of fees on Capital.com to help clarify this question of traders.

What are the fees of a broker?

In general, online brokers today have much lower fees than traditional brokers. The reason for this difference is that today’s online brokers can expand their customer base globally, so their revenue will be higher, making up for the technical operating costs. Typically, an online broker may charge fees that include:

A transaction fee is a fee a trader must pay when making a transaction (buying or selling) a stock or an asset through a broker.

  • Transaction fees may include commissions, spreads, swaps, …
  • A broker may apply all or one of the above transaction fees.
  • A broker’s commission is either fixed or based on trading volume.
  • Spread is the difference between the bid and ask prices.
  • Swap is the fee when you open an overnight position in leveraged trading.

Non-trading fees are fees that are not related to trading activities on the account. Non-transaction fees related to account operations such as deposit/withdrawal fees, inactivity fees.

What are the fees of a broker? Trading fees on Capital.com. Capital.com non-trading fees: inactivity fees, deposit/withdrawal fees

Trading fees on Capital.com

Trading fees of Capital.com are considered to be lower than some other brokers. Therefore, Capital.com is quite suitable for regular traders.

To compare Capital.com’s trading fees, we compare the transaction fees of many different typical assets on Capital.com and several other brokers. We choose three assets including:

  • Apple is an extensive American stock
  • Vodafone is a significant European stock
  • EURUSD is a famous currency pair

We compare transaction fees under the following conditions:

  • Open a normal buy order for a week and close it.
  • Volume: $200 shares and $20,000 for EURUSD.
  • Leverage: 5:1 for stocks and 30:1 for EURUSD.

We will compare the trading fees of brokers, including spreads, commissions, and other non-financial fees.

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What are the fees of a broker? Trading fees on Capital.com. Capital.com non-trading fees: inactivity fees, deposit/withdrawal fees

Non-trading fees on Capital.com

Capital.com is considered to have lower fees than other brokers because the home broker does not charge non-transaction fees. When opening an account on Capital.com, you will not lose fees related to transactions such as: deposit/withdrawal, deactivation fee, account management fee, etc.

In this article, we compare Capital.com, XTB, XM, all 3 of these brokers do not charge deposit/withdrawal fees and account management fees.

Regarding inactivity fee:

  • Capital.com does not charge an operating fee.
  • XTB charges 10€/month after 1 year of no transactions and no deposit in the last 90 days.
  • XM charges $15 after one year of inactivity, and $5/month if the account remains inactive.

Capital.com deposit fee

Deposit fee is the fee when a user makes a deposit to the trading account. Usually, today’s online brokers do not charge an account deposit fee, and Capital.com is no exception. You check the free deposit by after depositing the account you will see the exact amount you deposited using any deposit method.

  • Capital.com and XM are free to deposit with all deposit methods.
  • XTB does not charge a deposit fee for bank transfers and credit/debit cards, but for e-wallets it is charged 0-2%

Withdrawal fee:

Many brokers charge withdrawal fees to their clients. However, Capital.com does not charge withdrawal fees in all cases. This is one of the advantages of Capital.com floor for customers, especially new customers or customers trading with small capital.

  • For XTB, withdrawal fees apply if you withdraw below a certain threshold; if withdrawal is greater than this is free.
  • XM also waives the withdrawal fees if the withdrawal amount is more than 200$.


Above is a small comparison of our fees on Capital.com with some other famous brokers. With these comparisons, we see that Capital.com has equal or better fees for its clients. Therefore, this may be the reason why Capital.com is considered to have low fees compared to similar brokers in the same industry.

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