How long is the eToro withdrawal time?

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How long is the eToro withdrawal time? This is definitely a question that most new investors on eToro are interested in, when an investment is profitable, every investor wants to withdraw a part of the profit. But is it simple to withdraw money on eToro and how long will it take for the money to return to the account? Refer to this article for answers to your questions.

1.How can investors withdraw money.

Want to withdraw money from your eToro account? Of course, with eToro, you can withdraw money from your account at any time. You can withdraw the maximum amount equal to the balance of your eToro account, less the amount of margin used.

The amount you withdraw will be returned to the method you deposited, meaning the money is paid to the depositing account. eToro pays in the order of priority below:

1. Credit
2. PayPal
3. Bank transfer

In the case of eToro is unable to pay you via the original deposit method. You will be asked to provide an alternative payment method.

2.How long is the eToro withdrawal time?

Your withdrawal request will be received by eToro and will take up to 1 day to process when all necessary information is available. The time it takes for you to receive your payment depends on the payment service provider. Usually, the time for each payment method will be as per the table below:

3.How much is the withdrawal fee?

When making withdrawals from your eToro account you will incur a withdrawal processing fee. This amount is shown in the report as soon as you enter the amount you want to withdraw. This fee amount is only deducted when you successfully withdraw money to your account.

The minimum amount for each withdrawal is 30$. The withdrawal fee for each withdrawal is 5$. This means the actual amount on your account.
The maximum amount you can withdraw needs to be more than 30$ and is the total amount available in your account after closing all trades.

4.How to know your withdrawal request has been processed?

Once your withdrawal request is processed, you will receive an eToro notification via email. Along with that are the details of the provider’s payment service. Alternatively, you can also tap on ‘Category’ and go to the history card to see the status of your withdrawal.

5.Is it possible to cancel my withdrawal request from eToro?

You can completely cancel your withdrawal request from eToro as long as your withdrawal request is under review. Go to your portfolio then go to history and click on the withdrawal request being reviewed and then choose to cancel the request.

6.In case of unsuccessful withdrawal, what should you do?

If you have difficulty withdrawing, please contact the eToro customer service center via support ticket. Usually, the eToro support staff responds to you very quickly. The conversation is done right at the eToro platform or through the email you previously registered.
Please note, you should chat with them Monday through Friday for the best support. However, the case of not being able to withdraw money is very rare. Hope you never run into this.

Wish you make an effective and successful investment.

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