How to Add/Remove instruments from the Market Watch

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Market Watch is an indispensable feature when using the MT4 platform. You can find all the assets (currency pairs, commodities, CFDs) with their real-time market price there. 

However, only some assets will be displayed in the Market Watch window by default. If an investor/trader wants to show some currency pairs they want to trade; or delete unnecessary assets, how to do it?

This article shows you how to manage and customize your Market Watch window by adding/removing an asset on the MT4.

How to add instruments to Market Watch

To add your favorite assets to the Market Watch window, follow these instructions:

  1. Right-click anywhere inside the Market Watch window -> click Symbol.
  2. Select the asset group -> click on the preferred instrument you want to add. Currently, you can choose from forex, commodities, CFDs categories. MT4 does not offer crypto assets.
  3. Double-click the favorite instrument(s) to add them to the Market Watch window. Alternatively, you may click on the instrument(s) and click Show Symbol.
How to Add/Remove instruments from the Market Watch

How to remove instruments from Market Watch

Displaying too many assets on the Market Watch window can slow down your internet connection.

To remove symbols from your Market Watch, right-click the specific symbol from the display -> select Hide.

Or, if you want to delete all assets on Market Watch, right-click anywhere in the Market Watch window -> Select Hide All.

How to Add/Remove instruments from the Market Watch

Once done, you can add optional instruments following the steps as described earlier.

In brief, Market Watch automatically displays some instruments by default when installing MT4. However, you can add or remove unnecessary assets through the Market Watch window to easily track and manage them. You can even turn Market Watch off for more chart analysis space. When needed, you can open the Market Watch window by clicking View on the top Menu bar -> Market Watch.

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