How to add US30 to the MT4 trading platform?

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When using the MT4 platform, instruments (currency pairs, commodities, and CFDs) with real-time market prices can be found in the Market Watch window. However, not all instruments are displayed there. If you want to add US30 or favorite assets to MT4, what should you do?

How to add US30 to MT4 Market Watch 

To add US30 to the Market Watch window, follow these instructions:

  1. Right-click anywhere inside the Market Watch window -> click Symbol.
  2. Select the CFD Cash or CFD future.
  3. Double-click the US30 to add them to the Market Watch window. Alternatively, you may click on the instrument(s) and click Show in the right hand.
How to add US30 to the MT4 trading platform?

Note: Currently, most Forex brokers offer a US30 index for traders. US30 can be in the form of CFD contracts (Cash and Futures) in MT4.

Trading Cash CFDs are essential in the market at the moment. Futures CFD trading is a form of derivative trading, buying and selling the future price of that product up to a certain maturity. Depending on your needs, you can choose the product you want.

Why should you trade US30?

Most investors know that the primary index is an intelligent choice, helping traders build a safe, diversified and effective portfolio. However, not everyone knows the real advantages of investing in US indices, especially US30.

The main advantages of the index include:

Low Costs: Low costs are a significant advantage for the index, and they provide long-term returns for investors. When managers don’t have a lot of time and money to research stocks/bonds for their portfolios, the costs of the managing index are much lower than those of actively managed funds. These cost savings are then passed on to the investor. For this reason, look for index funds with the lowest expense ratios.

Diversification: An investor can capture the returns of a large segment of the market in an index. The index often invests in hundreds or even thousands of stocks, while actively managed funds sometimes invest in less than 50 shares. In general, funds with higher holdings have relatively lower market risk than funds with fewer holdings; and the index often offers more securities than their actively managed counterparts.

US30 is the top concern of US stock investors because it is an attractive, safe, and stable, profitable instrument. If you do an analysis on the price chart and find a good chance to trade US30, let’s open order on MT4 or place a pending order. And remember to apply risk management tools to avoid unfortunate situations.

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