How to buy coins on binance with fiat money fastest?

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How to buy coins on Binance with fiat money fastest? When opening a Binance account, it is definitely to trade or buy/sell coins (also known as cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum… or any other coin) on the exchange to make a profit. To trade coin spot or futures or own coins on Binance, you need to deposit coins into a P2P wallet. This article will show you how to buy coins via P2P.

To make a coin purchase on Binance, you need to complete a few steps:

  1. Generate 2FA security code
  2. Complete at least 2-step verification
  3. Add a bank account on Binance

If you have completed the three steps above, let’s do it step by step to buy coins quickly in just 1 minute:

Click “Buy”, then select the coin you want to buy

Enter the amount and choose the currency you use to buy the coin.

Step 3: Click to confirm “Risk Notice”

The trading risk warning window appears. You need to read carefully to understand the regulations of Binance.

Tick ​​”I have read and agree….”
Click “Confirm”

  • Next time you do not need to do this step.

Step 4: Choose the right coin seller

On the screen, a list of people selling the coin you choose will appear corresponding to the price, limit of coins, and the amount the seller wants to accept the transaction.

Step 5: Click ‘Buy USDT’ in the right corner of the screen (If you are looking to buy USDT).

If you want to buy another coin, this button will show the buy button and the corresponding coin name.

Information about the trader will appear on the screen:

  • You should choose to trade with someone with a yellow “V” after the transaction name, this check shows that the seller has verified his identity with the Binance exchange, so it will be more reputable.
  • Payment time limit: Usually 15 minutes. If it takes longer, the time to receive your coin will have to wait a long time.
  • Payment method: Usually the trader will use “Bank Transfer”. If you want to use other methods then you need to see if the seller uses these payment methods.
  • Terms and conditions: Seller’s transaction requirements.

Next, you need to fill in the transaction information you want:

  • I want to pay: Amount of USD you want to buy . Immediately the system will show in the box “I will receive” the amount of coins that you will receive corresponding to the amount you entered above.
  • Conversely, if you enter “I will receive” the amount of coins you want to buy, the “I want to pay” box will automatically show the amount you need to pay.
  • After filling in the amount or coins you want to buy, click “Buy USDT”

Step 6: Make the payment according to the information on the screen and click “Transferred, next”

  • You need to make the transfer within 15 minutes, after this time the transaction will be cancelled.
  • You need to transfer the correct name, account number, amount
  • Transfer content: Order number / or transaction number as required is displayed on the screen.
  • After the transfer is complete, select “Transferred, next”.
  • In about 15 minutes, the amount of purchased Bitcoin will be returned to your Fiat wallet.

Step 7: Check the number of coins you just bought

  • Select Wallet/Fiat and Spot/Fiat Account.
  • Click on the coin icon to see the number of coins you just bought.
  • If you do not receive the correct amount of coins you purchased or the seller has not transferred the coins, click the “Message” icon to send a support request to Binance.

So you have learned how to deposit money into Binance or buy coins on Binance by the P2P method successfully. If you want to use the purchased coin to buy other coins on the Binance exchange, click “Transfer” to transfer the purchased coin from the P2P wallet to the Spot wallet. Switching between these two wallets is free.

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