How to close an order on MT4 mobile?

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When you place an order, it will usually proceed to set a stop loss and take profit, when the price drops there will automatically close the order for you. However, in many cases, when placing an order, the price runs for a time and you want to close the order because you think the price has not gone in the right direction, it is likely to reverse, or think that if you add more you will lose more money. This guide shows you how to close an order on the MT4 mobile app.

How to close orders on MT4 mobile

Follow the instructions below to close an open order on your trading account using the MT4 mobile application:

  • Login to your trading account using your MT4 mobile app.
  • Go to the ‘Trade’ tab, tap on the order you wish to close in 2 seconds and select ‘Close’
  • Click ‘Close with Profit/Loss…’ to complete.
How to close an order on MT4 mobile?

Right after that, go to the ‘History’ tab at the bottom and you will find the details about the recently closed order.

How to close a half position on MT4 mobile

One of the keys to successful trading is risk management. In many cases, splitting trades into two (or more) parts can help you protect your investment while also ensuring a small but consistent profit.

The partial close feature offered on the MT4 mobile app allows you to close a subset of the order or withdraw a portion of the capital you’ve previously invested in an asset by reducing the trading volume to the desired amount in the ‘Order’ window.

The specific steps are as follows:

  • Navigate to the ‘Trade’ tab, long click on your trade and select ‘Close’.
  • The order closure window will be shown. In the ‘Volume’ field, enter the amount of trading volume you want to close. Remember that the number you select displays the amount that will be closed, not the one that remains.
  • Then tap on the ‘Close with Profit / Loss’ button to confirm.
How to close an order on MT4 mobile?

The partial close feature on the MT4 mobile app is similar to closing an order, only in the step of choosing the volume.

How do I close all trades on MT4 mobile?

MT4 does not offer the feature of one click-close all trades on the MT4 app of the phone. Alternatively, you can perform it on the MT4 trading platform.

If you do not want to manually close the order, you can easily close the orders automatically by using Stoploss and Take Profit and setting these values as desired; or applying ‘Scale-out trading’ strategy.

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