How to Customize the MT4 platform

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Displaying too many windows and tools on the trading platform can undoubtedly mess up your analysis and trading. To free up more space for chart analysis, you can turn off unnecessary windows and tools.

This article gives you some useful advice on how to customize mt4.

1. How to show/hide window panels on MT4

By default, all windows are displayed on the screen. However, to free up more space for trading manipulation such as chart analysis, you can close unnecessary windows by:

  • Click on View at the top of the screen.
  • Select the window you want to close. You can adjust the list of windows are Market Watch, Data Window, Navigator, Toolbox, Strategy Tester.

To close more quickly, please click on the X in the upper right corner of the window you want to close. Then, all the changes you make will be automatically saved.

How to customize the MT4 platform

Conversely, add any other windows that are not displayed by default, click on View -> choose the preferred window one more time.

In addition, you are allowed to customize the position of each window. The MT4 client terminal works in the same way as the Windows operating system, which means that you can stretch and move around the window panels by clicking on the displayed window’s name, holding the mouse, and dragging and dropping it to the position you want.

2. How to customize Toolbars on MT4

Similarly, the Toolbars window can also be customized to your preferences.

Toobars is a place that contains a lot of tools used to edit charts, place trading orders and open signals, etc. By default, the toolbar displays four main groups of functions, including:

  • Standard – Perform the software’s main functions such as opening and closing Market Watch, Navigator, Terminal.tch, Navigator, Terminal.
  • Line Studies – Manage drawing tools for charts editing.
  • Timeframes – Manage time frames. On MT4, there are 9 timeframes to choose from.

However, you don’t use all the tools available in some cases. Therefore, you can hide them by:

  • Clicking on View at the top of the screen.
  • Selecting Toolbars -> choose the function group you want to disable.
How to customize the MT4 platform

Conversely, when you need to use a specific group of functions, you can set the display again by repeating the above steps one more time.

After understanding the displayed interface on MT4, you can easily set it up to your liking for convenience and personal use. You will find how to trade and make money from the financial market through the MT4 platform in the following articles

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