How to debug face id verification failed on Binance Account

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Face ID verification failed when verifying the Binance account is a standard error. This way of debugging face verification is quite simple. You can fix the error right after reading the instructions in this article.

How to Debug Face Verification Failed on Binance Account

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Why do you need to verify your face on your Binance account?

Face verification on Binance is the final and required step for you to complete the Intermediate (Level 2) verification step. To verify your face, you need to upload a picture of yourself and then use your phone with a camera to scan your face. This operation is successful by Binance when the system confirms your face and portrait is a person.

If facial verification on Binance fails, your level 2 account verification will also fail. As such, your account can only use basic features and transaction limits. If you trade on Binance often, it will be very inconvenient.

Also, if you complete face verification, your account will get a better reputation rating. Therefore, completing face verification is a must-do when trading on Binance.

How to debug face ID verification failed on Binance Account

Method 1:

Face verification requires that your photo be the same as when the camera was scanned. In addition, when checking the face camera, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • No glasses, no hat
  • Do not use filters when scan your face
  • Do it in a well-lit place
  • The camera is brought close to your face to see your face clearly.
  • Portrait photos need to be clear

If you have completed the above facial requirements but still have not verified the face. Maybe you haven’t moved your lips yet. It would help if you tried to scan your face in a normal state, then open your mouth and move your lips for the system to record this image. Usually, after you do so, the facial verification on Binance will be confirmed successfully.

Method 2:

If you follow the instructions above and cannot successfully verify your face, you need to send a support request to Binance. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Visit the support link to create a support request:

Step 2: Select the Binance Jersey Inquiries item. Then fill out and submit the support request form as follows:

Title: Face verification failed


Dear team Binance,

I tried to do face verification on the Binance account but failed. Would you please help me?

Thank you.

You can attach a screenshot of your account status

Step 3: You wait for Binance’s response email and follow the instructions in the email.

Usually, the Binance email for this case is as follows:

“If you are unable to complete the online identity verification process, we will process it for you via this email. Please provide a video in which you appear, holding a photo of your passport/ID card/driver’s license with your profile page, and state in the video: “Today is the day/month/year, please. through identity verification for my Binance account [email protected].”

If you want to attach any file to an email, it must not exceed 20 MB. If the video exceeds the specified size, you can upload it to your Drive, then provide the open link of the video to us. The above information is required for review purposes to pass identity verification to your account.”

After following the request, the support email is sent. You will receive a response email from Binance confirming your account has been successfully verified.

Method 3:

You can access the “Binance Support” center at the link:

Select “Log in/Indentification”, then select “Indentity verification failed”

How to Debug Face Verification Failed on Binance Account

You type the same content like the one you emailed above. You will be supported by staff via chat on Binance.


Above is a debugging guide for the “failed face verification on Binane” situation. For those who are new to Binance, stay tuned for the next articles at

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