How to download the Investmate app

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When entering the financial market, many investors feel confused about where to start. Financial markets are volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, learning financial investment is extremely important. However, financial knowledge is often very complex, and simple to understand is not easy. In this article, we will guide you to use the Investmate app to learn how to invest in a fun way.

What is the Investmate App?

Investmate is an “”all-in-on”” investment learning app developed by It is designed to help clients familiarize themselves with and improve their skills and knowledge in investing.

How to download the Investmate app

On the Investmate app, users will be provided with a diverse set of tools and learning materials, free of charge, with more than 30 courses. The courses and lessons are moderately sized, consisting of short classes that take as little as 3 minutes to complete, presented as handy cards. Swipe or tap to find the next card or mark it as a favorite to remember and return to the document.

The trade prediction feature on Investmate also allows you to practice forecasting price movements based on real-life trading scenarios.

In addition, users can find tips to improve trading performance shared by experts, news, videos, and in-depth glossary, and real-life examples for you to learn. Thereby, those who are new to finance can quickly grasp various concepts and improve their investment skills.

How to download the Investmate app

When you download the app, you can set learning goals according to your level, set study notification reminders, etc. With all these utilities, you can learn from the basics to advanced knowledge and test your progress with fun financial quizzes.

How to download the Investmate app to learn to invest

Step 1: To download, first, you need to access the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android).

Below, we will guide you through the App Store installation. For mobile devices using the Android operating system, the steps will be similar.

Step 2: After accessing the app market, type “Investmate” in the search box and download the app.

How to download the Investmate app

Step 3: Log in to your Invest account with your account email and password => click the “Log i” button.

If you do not have an account on, you can register by following the link HERE.

How to download the Investmate app

Step 4: After logging in, fill in your qualifications and learning goals as required.

How to download the Investmate app

Right away, you can start your learning experience on the app. If you want to change the learning goal, go to” “Setting” ->” “My goal” to adjust.

How to download the Investmate app

Overall, the Investmate app is built to make it easier for learners to access the financial markets, making complex financial knowledge as simple as possible. The content on Investmate is quite rich and packed in a clean and straightforward interface. You can efficiently study and research anytime, anywhere. Happy trading!

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