How to enable Price Alert on MT4 mobile

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How often have you gone to work, school, or just out, and then returned to your trading platform to discover that the market has passed a critical price level that you are tracking? Perhaps you are waiting for the market to reach a certain level before beginning to trade, or you want to exit at a certain level, or you want to trail your stop loss once the price of XYZ has closed to profit-taking. Whatever the reason, it is safer to receive an alert on your mobile device or computer when the critical price level is reached. Fortunately, there is a handy feature on the MetaTrader platform called “Price Alert” for desktop or “Push notification” for the MT4 mobile apps that allow you to be notified when a market of your choice reaches a certain level. The specific level you’re keeping an eye on. The article that follows will explain why traders should use price alerts and how to set them up on their mobile devices.

How to set Price Alert for MT4 mobile?

To set up Push Notifications for MT4 mobile apps, follow the steps as shown below:

1. Find your MetaQuotes ID

  • Log in to your trading account using MetaTrader 4 on your mobile device.
  • For Android devices, tap the MQID button after selecting Messages.
  • For iOS, go to Chats and Messages and look for your MetaQuotes ID at the bottom of the screen.
  • For the next step, copy or save this ID.
How to enable Push Notifications on MT4 mobile

2. Enter your MetaQuotes ID into your MetaTrader 4 desktop

  • Log in using your trading account information.
  • Select Options from the Tools menu.
  • Select Enable Push Notifications from the Notifications tab.
  • When prompted, enter your MetaQuotes ID and click Test.
  • You should receive a push notification in your mobile terminal’s Messages area.
How to enable Push Notifications on MT4 mobile

3. Create custom alerts in your desktop terminal:

  • At the bottom of your Terminal window, click the Alerts tab.
  • Select Create with a right-click anywhere on the screen.
  • Make sure Enable is turned on, and then select Notifications from the Action dropdown menu.
  • Customize this alert to meet your needs, then click Test to confirm that it is working with the push notification sent to your mobile device.
  • To finish configuring this custom alert, click OK.
How to enable Push Notifications on MT4 mobile

You should note the following:

  • You need to regularly update the latest version for these platforms because they are constantly updated. If you use the old version, the system may not work smoothly or there may be a disconnection error at any time.
  • In the next steps you will have to connect the live or demo trading account you have to the mobile MT4 platform so that you can receive notifications to your phone.
  • Make sure the trading account you created when you opened your MT4 charting account is the same one you used to first log in to your mobile app in MT4.
  • The account to use can be a Demo or Live account, but you need to make sure that the account you created through Metatrader is the one you use to log in to your mobile application.

What are the Benefits of using Price Alert?

The main reason traders would want to use price alerts is to avoid spending all day staring at charts or tracking the progress of their trades. Setting a simple price alert allows you to plan your day in a much more organized and efficient manner while staying on top of significant market events as they occur. Consider these price alerts to be your trading assistant, working in the platform to monitor the market for anything important to happen while you’re away. Isn’t this a fantastic piece of technology?

Setting up phone notifications will help you save time, make better decisions, and manage your trades more effectively. Trading should be a part-time job that helps you increase your income rather than taking up too much of your time. That is why you require tips, tools, and strategies to help you use your time wisely and avoid becoming engrossed in your work.

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