How to find stocks on

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Perhaps you would like to diversify your portfolio and discover new markets to invest in. This article will guide how to find stocks on the platform.

*Note: If you already know the name of the instrument you want to invest in,  please type it in the search box. Then, its trading window will appear.

How to find stocks on

If not, simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Trading” tab on the left of the screen.

2. Select the market (shares/ cryptos/commodities/currency pair/ETF) -> asset category you wish to trade in.

In this case, let’s select “Stocks” -> “Most Traded”

How to find stocks on

3. Then, look for and select the asset you want to place an order.

How to find stocks on

Open a trade by either clicking on the SELL or BUY buttons.

So you’ve known how to find a stock on Also, this guide applies to finding other markets as well. Happy trading!

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