How to fix Binance not sending SMS

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What do you do when Binance SMS verification not working? Using security via phone number is one of the 4 options on Binance. However, Binance not sending verification code SMS is a common mistake. We will explore this together in the following article.

Binance not sending the SMS security code

What is the SMS code on Binance?

Binance applies 4 forms of security: Email, Google Authenticator, security key, or phone number.

If you use the phone number security function, you need to enter the code sent by Binance via SMS.

Without this verification code, you will not be able to log in to your Binance account or make a deposit/withdrawal on Binance.

Some causes of Binance not sending verification code SMS

Account security is essential when using Binance. But the Binance does not send re-verification code SMS occurs frequently. Here are some reasons:

  • The area where you stand has an unstable phone signal.
  • You set the function to block messages on your phone.
  • Binance is overloaded with an SMS sending system.
  • Binance’s international SMS transmission has a problem.

What is the impact of not receiving the Binance SMS verification code?

Failure to receive the Binance SMS verification code causes a lot of trouble for you. Some examples are as follows:

  • When you need to make a deposit/withdrawal from your Binance account
  • When you need to login into your Binance account
  • When you need to change your Binance account settings

Especially when the cryptocurrency market moves, it is necessary to quickly take profit or stop loss. Without the Binance code, you will not be able to log into your account.

Some ways to fix when Binance not sending verification code

  • Method 1: You try again after 30 minutes. If not, please continue to do it later.
  • Method 2: Check the phone signal in the area you are standing in. You find a place with a better signal.
  • Method 3: Turn off blocking messages on your phone.
  • Method 4: Restart your phone.
  • Method 5: Try voice verification.

How to switch to voice verification when Binance SMS verification not working

You do the following:

Step 1: Visit the following link:

Step 2: Click “Please try voice verification.”

Step 3: The confirmation window asking to send voice verification appears; select “Ok”.

Your request to get the verification code back. You will receive a phone call from Binance. You click to listen and enter the code Binance reads in the window asking to enter the verification code.


Above are some ways to help you fix Binance by not sending an SMS verification code. If you can’t do it, wait until the next day to do it again. This error is widespread with Binance users. Therefore, encourages you to use email verification and Google Authenticator. If you are using phone number verification, you can disable this security function.

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