How to fix the disabled trading on Binance?

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Cryptocurrency trading on Binance is increasingly popular with investors in this market. However, in using, if Binance disabled trading your account, what should users do to fix it? The article below shows how to fix this problem.

What is the trading disable on Binance?

During trading on Binance, if a user cannot open new orders, liquidate old orders, make deposits/withdrawals, etc., it is a sign that the account is locked.

Binance accounts are disabled for trading if the user receives the message “Error occurred during request: Trading is disabled on this account. Please check your account”.

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Why is my Binance account disabled for trading?

Traders are often worried when Binance disables the trading function. However, this situation usually occurs because Binance implements security measures to protect users. Therefore, when the account encounters this problem, users should calmly find out the cause to know how to fix it.

The system error does not usually cause the situation of disabling transactions on Binance. It can happen when Binance proactively implements security measures for customer accounts. Some reasons why a user account is disabled for trading are as follows:

  • Maybe Binance is doing maintenance. When Binance maintains or upgrades the system, traders are often unable to perform trading or withdrawing functions. If this happens, Binance usually sends a notification to users through the website or email or in the notification mailbox of the account. This error is fixed when the maintenance period is completed.
  • When a user changes their password or removes some account security features such as SMS/Google Authenticator… Binance may also lock the trading function on Binance for 24 hours to ensure no unauthorized access from crooks.
  • Similarly, when a user resets security layers, changes email, phone number, unlocks the account, etc., Binance locks the transactions on the user’s account.
  • If Binance detects any unusual signs of user account security issues, the account will also be disabled for trading.

How to fix disabled trading on Binance?

For each cause, the user can fix the error of disabling account transactions differently.

If after checking the notices of Binance and finding the error of invalidating the transaction due to system maintenance. Users do not need to do anything to fix this error other than waiting. After the maintenance period, users log back into their Binance account and trade normally.

If a transaction invalidation error occurs due to security changes, users are required to wait beyond the time specified by Binance. Binance may even require users to perform identity verification to ensure crooks do not make account changes.

If the Binance account is still locked from trading after performing the above methods, users can contact Binance customer support. When contacting support, users should record a video or take a photo to describe their problem accurately. Usually, Binance support is relatively quick if the pain is not too severe.

How to contact customer support to fix the trading disabled on the Binance account?

In case the user has checked all causes but still cannot fix the transaction invalidation, it is necessary to contact customer support as follows:

Cause and how to fix Binance account disabled for trading? How to contact support to fix transaction lock error
  • Log in to your account and click on the Support window on the Binance homepage.
  • If you can’t find the support window, log in to your account and access the link:
  • Click to select P2P Trading, then select P2P Account disabled/Cannot Trade with P2P.
Cause and how to fix Binance account disabled for trading? How to contact support to fix transaction lock error

Immediately after, the Binance support window pops up with some instructions to help users figure out the problem they may be facing. Click on the issue that most closely resembles your situation for instructions.

If it still doesn’t fix it, send pictures and videos that clearly show the status of your account and chat with support for help.


Blocking the trading function on Binance can cause users a lot of trouble or affect investment results. However, if a user’s account is hacked, this can be an effective measure Binance takes to protect customer assets. If you encounter this situation, calmly find the cause and contact Binance customer care for advice on how to solve it.

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