How to get TradingView Pro for free?

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TradingView is the most popular stock charting and filtering platform today. TradingView has both free and paid versions. However, some special features of TradingView are only available on the paid version of TradingView Pro, and TradingView Pro accounts must pay a monthly fee. The following article shows how to register for a TradingView account and get a free TradingView Pro account.

TradingView account types

Free TradingView account (Basic account)

The free TradingView account is known as the Basic account. TradingView offers a lot of free features to users in this version. For a non-specialist trader, the free TradingView Basic account meets the daily chart monitoring and analysis needs: It provides one price alert and three technical indicators per chart… However, this account often displays ads when used.

TradingView Pro Premium Account

TradingView Pro account costs $14.95/month. In addition to the basic features of the free account, the TradingView Pro account offers 20 price alerts, five technical indicators per chart, and many other special features.

TradingView Pro+ account

TradingView Pro+ account costs $29.95/month. TradingView Pro+ account has faster customer service and has up to 100 price alerts. Users can use up to 10 indicators per chart and use four charts in one window, connect on two devices simultaneously, and save ten different chart layouts.

TradingView Premium Account

TradingView Premium account has a right price of $ 59.95 / month. This is TradingView’s most premium account plan, allowing users to access all TradingView features to the fullest extent. Traders can use eight charts per layout on five devices simultaneously, install up to 200 price alerts, and install 25 indicators on each chart. TradingView Premium accounts are also always given the highest priority.

How to register a free TradingView account?

To open a TradingView account, click on the link below:

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On the TradingView home page, click Get Started and Sign Up.

Choose to sign up for a TradingView account with one of the available social media accounts: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple, and Linked In. The instructions below choose to register for a TradingView account by clicking Email.

TradingView account types. How to post a free TradingView account and upgrade to a Pro account. How to get TradingView Pro for free

Fill in your email and password, tick to agree with TradingView’s terms, check the box to confirm that it’s not a robot, and click Created account.

TradingView account types. How to post a free TradingView account and upgrade to a Pro account. How to get TradingView Pro for free

After that, TradingView sends an Email to activate the user account. Users need to open that email to activate the account and log in to the account to start using TradingView Basic for free.

Users need to confirm their phone number to use the free Trading View Basic package fully. You click on the avatar, then select Profile Setting. Then, upload your profile picture, enter your username, and verify your phone number.

How to upgrade to a TradingView Pro account?

The free Tradingview account offers quite a few useful features for new traders. But the TradingView Pro account takes the user experience to the next level. Specialized TradingView Pro tools help users to monitor charts and analyze more conveniently.

  • To register for a TradingViewPro account, click Upgrade in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the TradingView Pro package and click Try Free for 30 days.
  • Choose a yearly or monthly payment plan, then click Next.
  • Continue to click I’m good without it and select Next.
  • Fill in the payment information, check the box to allow TradingView to automatically calculate the monthly fee, and click Complete your purchase.

After successfully registering for the TradingView Pro package, users can use it for free for 30 days. After 30 days, the user account is automatically renewed if the subscription is not canceled, and money is deducted from the linked card.

How to get TradingView Pro for free?

Using a TradingView Pro account is a positive experience for users. However, for some retail traders, the monthly payment amount is a matter of consideration. There are several different tips to use the free TradingView Pro account as follows:

Method 1: Choose a broker that allows linking with TradingView and has a TradingView Pro account giveaway program.

Method 2: Sign up for a 30-day trial package of TradingView Pro. The user then downloads the settings, layouts, and indicators to use and saves these settings. Before the 30-day trial account expiration, users cancel the TradingView Pro account renewal to not be charged fees in the next month. Any previously saved settings will remain on your account.

To cancel a free trial of TradingView, open the Payments tab in the User Profile and click the Cancel Trial button.


TradingView is a powerful market analysis and charting platform. Using TradingView’s upgrade packages always brings a good experience to customers. The fact that users can use TradingView for free for 30 days makes it easier for customers to access advanced features of TradingView. However, users should support the developer by purchasing a paid upgrade service.

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