How to open a MT4 demo account on your phone

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For added convenience, you can trade using the MT4 mobile app. With the MT4 mobile app connected to the Internet, you can easily open a trade anywhere and at any time, allowing you to avoid missing out on good opportunities to enter the financial market. This guide is walking you through the steps of downloading MT4 mobile, creating an MT4 demo account, and logging into the MT4 app.

1. How to open a MT4 Demo account on mobile apps

A demo account can be easily opened on the MetaTrader 4 mobile applications. To open a Metaquotes demo account directly from MetaTrader 4 app, please follow these steps below:

  • Open the MT4 app, click Settings -> New Account -> Open a demo account -> Metaquotes demo.
  • Fill in personal information (including name, phone number, email, account type, leverage, deposit amount), and click Register.
  • Then a window will appear that contains information about the open account: “Login” – the account number, “Password” – the password for access, “Investor” – the investor’s password. Save these login information for future logins. Press Done to return to the MT4 trading screen and start practicing investing.
Open a Metaquotes Demo Account on MT4 mobile

With MT4 mobile apps, you can trade anytime, anywhere, as long as your phone has an Internet connection. This article will guide you to open a Metaquotes demo account on MT4 mobile.

3. How to log into the MT4 mobile (iOS, Android)?

After installation, run the application by tapping the MT4 app on your mobile phone’s screen.

  • To connect a new account, tap on New Account in the “Settings” tab -> select “Login to an existing account”.
  • Then enter MT4 server name, and other login details (login credentials, password).
  • Enable the option “Save password” for later automatic logins.
How to log into Metatrader 4?

After having successfully download MT4 mobile and opened a virtual account, you can now start practicing trading and experimenting with the products available on MT4 until you master and trade with real money.

The MT4 demo account allows traders to trade financial products in the MetaTrader 4 platform with virtual currency. As a result, traders can practice different trading strategies without risking their capital.

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