How to open a position on (Web version)

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If you are new to the financial market, you want to place orders to earn profits or diversify your portfolio by investing in other instruments on Please follow the instructions below:

1Set leverage

On platform,  investors need to set the leverage for their trading account first. To adjust leverage on

  • Click on the account type on the top right toolbar -> select “Trading Options”

How to open a position on (Web version)

  • Then set the trading leverage

How to open a position on (Web version)

* Note: offers flexible leverage, up to 100:1 for retail accounts and 200:1 for Plus, Premier accounts. The leverage level will default to a maximum as soon as you open the account. Therefore, remember to adjust the leverage before opening a trade order to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

2 Open a trading order

1. Click on “Trading” on the left right-hand side. Here you will see a different market. Select the stock you want to trade (In example, we select “Shares” -> “Facebook”).

How to open a position on (Web version)

* If you already know the name of the instrument you want to invest in,  please type it in the search box. Then, its trading window will appear.

How to open a position on (Web version)

2. Click on either the “Sell” or “Buy” button, depending on your demand.

How to open a position on (Web version)

3. The trading window will then be displayed on the right side of the screen. Go to the “Trade” tab (two-opposing-arrows icon) and adjust some parameters, including:

  • Trading size – depending on the market, there will be a minimum trading size requirement (e.g., the minimum size requirement for stock trading is 1 share)
  • Close at loss (stop loss) – a tool to minimize your loss when the price doesn’t move in the direction you want
  • Close at profit (take profit) – this function helps you to protect the profit you already have by closing a trade automatically at a specific rate

How to open a position on (Web version)

To set a stop loss/ take profit, you need to drag the mouse to the right to enable their function first. Then adjust according to stop loss, take profit by amount, distance, or price level.

4. Now check the above parameters again. Then click on the “Buy” or “Sell” button at the bottom to open a trade.

So you have been opening a trading order on To see the opened orders, click on “Portfolio” on the left side of the screen.

* Note: If you open trades during the closing market, the order will be automatically converted to pending (Orders) and executed when the market opens.

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