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How to open a stock account. Currently, the demand for opening a stock account is very high due to seeing the profit potential from investing in stocks, especially world-famous stocks such as Apple, Google, or Facebook… To open an account to buy shares. You must choose a reputable international securities brokerage company with foreign bonds and make account opening and online verification convenient and fast. This article will guide you to open an international share trading account through company.

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Why should you open a stock account at has a good reputation in the market. is a new stockbroker launched in 2017 but has quickly built a reputation in the international financial industry with many financial industry awards such as Best Online Trading Platform 2020, Europe’s Most Transparent Brokerage Provider, and Most Innovative Broker of 2020…

In addition, this is also a securities broker regulated by many reputable financial regulators in the world, such as FCA (British Financial Services Industry Regulatory Authority), CySec (Security Commission and Securities Commission). Cyprus Exchange), ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), and National Bank of Belarus. has competitive transaction fees. offers quite competitive spreads compared to other stock exchanges. In particular, only charges an overnight fee for leveraged trades. This is a very favorable advantage for long-term stock-holding investors.

Besides, is also 100% free of deposit and withdrawal fees, requires a minimum deposit of 20$ via Internet banking or Momo… so it’s effortless for Vietnamese investors to invest.

How to open a stock account on

Step 1: To open a stock account on, click on the following link:

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Step 2: Fill in the account registration information, then click [Continue]

  • Email: The email address you are using.
  • Password: The password you use to log in to several accounts in the future.

Step 3: Fill in personal information.

A notification window will appear. Click [Complete] to complete the steps to fill in personal information:

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Fill in the required personal information on the screen, then press [Continue].

  • Name: Your name
  • Middle name: Middle name (optional)
  • Surname: Last name
  • Date of birth: Date of birth

The information must match the documents you will use to verify your account later.

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  • Fill in your address information in the next window and click [Continue]. The information matches the documents you use to verify your address (ID card/CCCD, passport, or driver’s license).

  • Enter your contact phone number, then click [Continue]. Make sure you choose the correct country code and remove the leading zero. The phone number you must be using and contactable.
  • Select the currency used to transact (deposit/withdraw) to the account, and click [Continue].

How to open a stock account on Why should you open a stock account at

  • After completing the above steps, the screen shows the terms, click [Accept].

How to open a stock account on Why should you open a stock account at

Above are the instructions for opening an international securities account on Most other stock exchanges open accounts very easily with similar operations.


Above is a guide to opening an international securities account on Currently, opening a securities account is done quite quickly and conveniently. All operations are completed 100% online. Hopefully, after this article, you can easily own your own stock investment account.

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