How to read portfolio on mobile phone

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How to read portfolio on the mobile phone. When you trade on your mobile phone, you want to review your portfolio, but many uninformed impressions exist. This article will guide you in detail to read and understand those transactions.

Order types displayed in [Portfolio] Capital

In, there are 2 types of orders, including buy and sell orders with open orders and pending buy and sell orders with pending orders.

Buy orders investors expect the price to increase to receive profits. Therefore, buy orders are traded by investors when they see market signals showing an uptrend in the future.
In contrast, to sell orders, investors expect the lower the price, the higher the profit. Investors will trade sell orders when they see that the price trend is falling and may continue to decrease in the future.

How to view order types in [Portfolio]

To view order types in your Portfolio, do the following:

Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, you can register by following the link below:

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Select the [Portfolio] tab

To view the open transactions, please look at the [Trades] tab.

To view pending orders, click the [Orders] tab.

How to read [Trades] open on

  • The volume of buy orders will show up in green with open trades, and open sell orders will show up in red.

As shown in the illustration, we can read the information of active transactions in the arrow marked as follows: Buy order: 0.1 BTC/USD and sell order: 1 Gold.

  • Next, the bottom line is the order execution price (left) and real-time market price (right).

In the illustration, buying 0.1BTC was 47.677.60, and the current market price was 47.880,70. Similarly, when entering the Sell 1 Gold order, the price is 1.778,50. The market price of gold at the time of the photoshoot was 1.778,29.

  • On the right side is information about the profit or loss of that trade.

The illustration shows a buy order of 0.1 BTC/USD, and that trade is making a profit of $20.31; The order to sell 1 unit of Gold is making a profit of $0.21.

  • Orders placed Stoploss and Takeprofit will have the symbol SL TP in the right corner of the screen. If the transaction has not set ST and TP will not show this information. Portfolio: How to Read [Pending Orders] Information

Same with open trades.

  • Pending buy orders will show red frame and volume as a negative number.
  • Pending sell orders will have a blue frame and a positive volume.

The above illustration shows a pending order to sell 1.1 units of Gold and a pending order to buy 0.1 ETH/USD.

  • Next to the volume is the price that the order will match. Below volume is the current market price.

The illustration above shows:

It will execute an order to sell 1.1 units of Gold at 1.770. The current price of Gold is 1.778,08.

Similarly, it will match a pending order to buy 0.1 ETH/USD at 3,000. The current price of ETH/USD is 3.612,69.

  • As with open trades, pending orders placed Stoploss and Takeprofit will be displayed on the right side of the screen with symbols SL, TP.

Conclusion: How to read a portfolio

Above is a guide on how to read and understand portfolio information on the phone. This information is quite simple and easy to understand, but it cannot be obvious for newcomers when trading for the first time. Hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to access and use the trading application.

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