How to set Price Alert on MT4?

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Instead of sitting and staring at your MT4 chart to manage your trade and hope that the price will move a certain way; or sitting and watching the price rise and fall to seize the opportunity to wait for the price to go to a level to make a trade, you can set a price alert right on the mt4 platform.

Why should I use MT4 Price Alert?

It is safer and more convenient to trade if there is an alert sent to your mobile device or computer when the price has reached an important level for you to enter or exit. Perhaps the biggest reason you’d want to use price alerts is to not have to spend all day staring at charts or seeing the progress of your trades.

By setting a simple price alert, you can plan your day in an organized way and trade much more efficiently. Price alerts are like your personal trading assistant working in the platform to keep an eye on the market for something important to happen while you’re away.

How to set up MT4 Price Alert on desktop

First, you need to install Meta Trader 4 (latest version) trading platform 

Step 1: Open the MetaTrader Terminal window and click on the “Alerts” tab

Log in to MT4 and open a Terminal window at the bottom of the screen by pressing CTRL + T on your keyboard and selecting the “Alerts” tab.

How to set Price Alert on MT4?

Step 2: Open price alert window

Right-click in the alert window, then select “create”. This will open the price alert settings window as shown below:

How to set Price Alert on MT4?

Step 3: Set up price alerts

In the price alert window that we opened in Step 2, you can set an alert based on the market’s price movement or by choosing a certain time.

Alternatively, you can select “expiry date”, which is the date the alert will be turned off. After filling in all the necessary/desired information about the alert you want to set, click “OK” and then the alert is set! Any alerts you have set up will be displayed in the alerts tab of the platform, as seen below:

That’s all it takes to set up price alerts on your desktop or laptop on the MetaTrader trading platform. These alerts will appear as sounds, which you can modify in the same “alert editor” box above.

How to set up MT4 Push Notifications for iPhone/iPad/Android

This section shows you how to set up push notifications for Metatrader 4 mobile.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download & Open the software

  • Download the latest version of the Metatrader Mobile Platform for Android or iPhone/iPad.
  • Next, open the MetaTrader mobile platform and, after logging in to your account, go to the “Settings”. Select “Chat and Messages”.
  • You will be provided with an 8-character MetaQuotes ID to connect to MT4 on your computer.
How to set Price Alert on MT4?

Step 2: Enter Unique ID

  • Open MT4 software on your computer, click on “Tools > Options > Notifications” in the Menu section.
  • Tick ​​the “Enable Push Notifications” section and enter the MetaQuotes ID in the box.
How to set Price Alert on MT4?

Step 3: Check network connection settings

After entering the Metaquotes ID, click on the “Test” button. There will be a message sent to your phone.

Step 4: Install “Price Alert and Testing”

The notification settings are the same as on the MT4 platform and only need to be set up once and then the message will be sent to your phone. The best way to check if you have successfully installed is with a new notification being pushed to your phone.

  • Go to the MT4 platform on your computer
  • Click on the “Alert” section, if you have not set up notifications before, this will be empty
  • Select the symbol and condition you want. For example: bid price, ask price, …and the value, the price you want to be notified.
  • In the “Source” field, enter the message you want to receive. The message will inform you about the setting you have selected. For example, move the EURUSD Stoploss to breakeven, …
  • “Timeout” is an item unrelated to this notification setting
  • Clicking the “Test” button will immediately receive a push notification to your phone.
  • If you are satisfied and want to enable this notification rule, click the “OK” button. The system will only send the notification once.
  • You can see your notifications in the system under “Alert”.

You should note the following:

  • You need to regularly update the latest version for these platforms because they are constantly updated. If you use the old version, the system may not work smoothly or there may be a disconnection error at any time.
  • In the next steps you will have to connect the live or demo trading account you have to the mobile MT4 platform so that you can receive notifications to your phone.
  • Make sure the trading account you created when you opened your MT4 charting account is the same one you used to first log in to your mobile app in MT4.
  • The account to use can be a Demo or Live account, but you need to make sure that the account you created through Metatrader is the one you use to log in to your mobile application.

Alternatively, you can also set up price alerts right on your mobile device. After receiving the notification, you can log in to your mobile trading platform and set stop loss, take profit… The time that was used to align the chart you can use to do other things or simply Simply take time for yourself to rest or spend time with family.

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