How to speed up your MT4 platform

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In trading on MT4, there will be times when traders encounter situations where MT4 has technical problems, slows, and lags, affecting order execution speed and directly affecting your profits. So what are the causes of such a situation, and what are the solutions? Let’s find out in the article below.

In addition to slow network problems, here are some common causes of MT4 delays:

  • Trade too many MT4 accounts (to test many different brokers…)
  • Using too many indicators on the same chart
  • Trading at a low time frame like M1 also requires network speed.

To overcome this situation, the way to speed up MT4 consists of 2 parts: increasing the network speed and increasing the processing speed of MT4. In this article, we will introduce how to improve the processing speed of MT4 or, in other words, reduce the data to be processed so that MT4 runs faster and smoother.

Method 1: Reduce Max Bars in History

You go to Tools > Options (or press Ctrl + O) > Charts. Then enter the parameters in the two boxes “Max bars in history” and “Max bars in chart” to 10000.

How to speed up your MT4 platform
  • “Max bars in history” is the maximum number of candles in the memory MT4 will store 
  • “Max bars in chart” is the maximum number of candles appearing on your chart.

In short, the lower these parameters are reduced, the lower the data MT4 stores and the smoother MT4 will operate.

The disadvantage of this way is that it makes it difficult for traders to backtest the old chart, so I just left it at 10000, which makes it convenient for you to review the chart from time to time.

Method 2: Turn off unnecessary indicators

Too many indicators mean that MT4 will have to process more information, so MT4’s performance will become slow. The more you use, the slower MT4 will be, so it is necessary to carefully consider essential indicators and backtest to have a method that is both effective and neat. Therefore, limiting the use of many indicators simultaneously will help increase the processing speed of MT5.

Method 3: Turn off News on the server tab

  • Turn on the Options tab by pressing CTRL + O or clicking Tools -> Options.
  • Uncheck the box “Enable news” because this function is often used for MT4 to update information directly from the broker or add-ons from the company that produces the MT4 software (ebook, EA…). If traders do not need this function, turning off this notification will also help MT4 run faster.
How to speed up your MT4 platform

Method 4: Turn off Email, Notifications, Events Tab

These functions are primarily unnecessary for traders, so turning them off will minimize MT4 lag.

  • Turn off Email
  • Turn off Notifications to make MT4 run faster
  • Turn off Events

Turning off this function will stop all sounds of MT4, familiar sounds such as when placing orders, dragging and dropping stop loss/take profit bars, MT4 reconnecting to the internet… will no longer appear, depending on your preferences each trader. In particular, in an environment with frequent cable breaks like in Vietnam, the interruption of the internet – continuous reconnection combined with the sound of MT4 will cause much discomfort to traders.

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