How to turn on One-tap trading on

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Traders are equipped with the “One Tap Trading” tool when trading on This tool is designed to simplify the trading process and significantly reduce the transaction time. With this feature, traders can open and close orders, set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and place pending orders with just a few clicks, extremely quickly.

For traders, especially scalpers, the speed of trade execution plays an important role. Therefore, One-Tap Trading is a perfect choice for them.

How to enable One-Tap Trading on

Step 1: Log in to the app -> select “Account” on the menu bar below the screen.

How to turn on One  tap trading on

Step 2: Click “My Accounts” -> “Trading Options”.

How to turn on One  tap trading on

Step 3: At the tab “Transaction with just one touch”, you drag to the right to activate this feature.

How to turn on One  tap trading on

You have completed the steps to enable One-tap trading. If you want to cancel/disable this feature, you just need to do the same, go to “Account” -> “Trading Options” -> turn off the feature.

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