MetaTrader 4 download for Mac, PC and mobile phone

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MetaTrader 4 download for Mac, PC, and mobile phone. MetaTrader 4 has become a familiar name for traders. This is one of the most popular platforms to date. In this article, I will summarize the most important basic information about this trading platform. And how to download MT4 software correctly from the homepage.

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What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic platform that allows traders to trade forex and other financial products. MetaTrader 4 was officially released in 2005 by the company MetaQuotes Software. Currently, it is the most popular trading platform. Almost all forex brokers offer this platform to their clients.

MetaTrader 4 supports essential technical analysis tools and indicators for traders. Besides, MT4 is also the platform where many programmers (coders) create advanced indicators. The warehouse of indicators that we can use on this platform is enormous, rich, and diverse. You will be “overwhelmed” by this vast number.

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Metatrader 4 download for Mac, PC and mobile phone

Currently, most brokers support trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. So they consistently provide customers to download this platform from the broker’s homepage. You can download MT4 in sections with names such as trading platforms, trading software, …

You can also download the MT4 software from the MetaTrader4 homepage.

Or if you can’t find it, download it from the link below:

  1. Metatrader 4 for mac
  2. Metatrader 4 for pc
  3. Metatrader 4 linux
  4. Metatrader 4 online
  5. Metatrader 4 app
  6. Metatrader 4 ios (metatrader 4 iPhone)

The interface and some basic operations when using Mt4

​Customize the Mt4 interface

Right-click on the chart screen and select Properties.

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In this window, we can adjust some basic parameters such as show grid, show volumes, … Or adjust chart types such as Bar chart, Japanese candlestick, line chart… in the Common tab.

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In addition, you can adjust the colors for better visual and aesthetic with the colors tab. With colors, we can freely change the colors for the chart.

Basic operations of MT4

We will have tools, zoom, timeframe, etc. The main functions are at the top of the platform.

These function keys are arranged very scientifically and neatly. At the top are essential tabs:

  • File – related to the platform’s files.
  • View – involves “looking at the chart.”
  • Insert – add technical indicators, or draw trendlines and other drawing tools.
  • Tools – Install EA, email,…
  • Window – not Windows operating system. This is the tab that sets up windows on MetaTrader 4.
  • The last tab is Help.

Under those main cards are function shortcuts. A vital function such as opening a new order (New Order). Zoom in and out (2 magnifying glass buttons). And some other parts.

The last row is the drawing tool keys, writing text, icons… There is also a series of quick time frame keys to help you switch frames exceptionally quickly.

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