MT4 Review 2022 – Pros, Cons & More

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MetaTrader 4 is a professional advanced trading platform. Most brokers provide MT4 platforms for their clients. The article below helps you better understand the MT4 trading platform’s review and its advantages/disadvantages.

MT4 Review – Pros and Cons


  • Free to use many basic features
  • Several indicators, analysis tools
  • Stable, fast operation and large processing volume
  • Rarely occurs technical errors when trading
  • Allows trading with many different accounts from different brokers
  • Offers automated trading
  • Create your own technical indicators
  • Support demo account before entering actual trading
  • Provide analytical tools, specialized tools of various levels from novice to professional


  • Besides the advantages, MT4 also has some limitations as follows:
  • Sometimes there is some error during the transaction.
  • Compared to the MT5 platform, MT4 is more limited in trading tools. For example, MT4 does not provide cryptocurrency or stock products, so those who have diversified trading needs or specialize in investing in other products will choose MT5 instead.

In general, MT4 is one of the easy-to-use platforms, has many supporting tools, is safe and transparent. That is why traders around the world love the MT4 platform so much.

MetaTrader 4 Review 2022 - Pros, Cons & More
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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Review


Most of the significant and reputable Forex trading platforms worldwide support trading on MT4. Client and server terminals are encrypted via a 129-bit key, supporting RSA encryption. Accompanied by high speed and stability, it is constrained to be attacked by hackers when trading.

So in terms of safety, this is a reliable platform with stable speed. Therefore, although there are many other platforms, the major brokers today prefer to use them.

MT4 Review – Execution speed

Regardless of the trading strategy, execution speed is a primary concern for every trader, from scalpers to longer-term traders) because it affects his/her efficiency and profit.

According to market updates, the transaction processing speed on MT4 is breakneck and stable. In addition, the exchange also supports transactions due to slow network connection errors on the server.

MT4 Review – Fees

When trading on the MT4 platform, you will not have to pay fees to use it. The exchange where you open the account will pay that fee.

However, you will have to pay trading fees to your brokers. And this fee is different between forex brokers.

Who is MetaTrader 4 for?

MetaTrader4 has something to offer anyone willing to trade. Compare what it can do to assist beginners and advanced traders. Yes, a Meta 4 demo would be helpful, but you need to know what MetaTrader can do for you.


With its simple design, excellent user interface, and functions like copy trading and trading robots, MT4 is ideal for beginners.

In addition, you can also practice trading on the MT4 Demo account until you master it. You will be given a virtual currency, and feel free to experience all the tools, indicators, and charts in real-time, like in a live account.

Professional Trader

The MT4 platform also attracts professional traders due to its advanced charting and technical analysis capabilities, built-in indicators and graphical tools, and many more unique features. The platform also enables automated trading by programming with MetaQuote’s proprietary MQL4 language and building custom indicators.

Is MT4 safe?

Yes. MetaQuotes – MT4 software development company is a provider of platforms that meet the most stringent IT security regulatory standards set by financial regulators in every country in the world. MT4 also encrypts all user information data for account security during MT4 trading. So MT4 product is safe, reputable, and reliable software.

Is MT4 free?

All traders can download the MetaTrader 4 software for free and use their computers and mobile phones.

However, to log in to MT4 and trade, you must open an account at a broker/exchange that offers MT4. And depending on the broker, you will be charged a transaction fee (eg spread, swap, deposit/withdrawal).

Which instruments are available on MT4?

You can trade currency pairs, commodities, and CFDs on MT4.

What is the minimum deposit to trade at MT4?

MT4 is merely a trading and technical analysis platform. MT4 does not directly manage investors’ payments (including deposits/withdrawals).

Therefore, the minimum deposit amount to the account will be determined by each exchange.

Which Reputable Brokers offer MT4?

If you are looking for reputable MT4 platform trading platforms, you can refer to some of the following brokers:

Does MT4 offer a Demo account?

MT4 offers a Demo account with virtual currency available for traders to test the platform and explore the market.

MT4 Demo is designed to look like a real account (look, chart, markets). You can use the free MT4 indicator, tools, and add-ons like a real account.

The MT4 Demo Account is available on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices and Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

In summary, MetaTrader is a prevalent trading platform among financial investors, especially forex traders. Although Metatrader 5 was later released, providing more features, MT4 still owns a more extensive customer base because it almost wholly meets the trading analysis needs of traders.

However, you should note that MT4 is merely a platform to help you make buy, sell, and technical analysis transactions. You will need to open another broker’s account and log in to MT4 to analyze and trade. So, be careful in the process of choosing a reputable and safe exchange to avoid unnecessary risks.

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