Minimum trade size on eToro reduced to $10

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In order to meet more needs of customers. The minimum trade size on eToro has been reduced to $10 for trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs, said the eToro trading platform.

Minimum trade size on eToro reduced to $10
Minimum trade size on eToro reduced to $10

Reduce conditions to increase efficiency

eToro has lowered the conditions for customers to easily participate in trading cryptocurrencies and other assets. As of August, the minimum trade size on eToro is $50, now the minimum amount for individual trades is further reduced. Through Twitter and other channels, eToro is now promoting a new minimum size of 10 USD (just under 9 euros) for trades with cryptocurrencies, stocks, and/or ETFs. With three dozen good crypto stocks listed, eToro has now also positioned itself extensively in the sector and offers a range of interesting secondary stocks.

In our comparisons of crypto exchanges, eToro regularly scores for ease of use and support for multiple languages. Even more important for many clients: At eToro, you are not limited to one asset class. You can trade stocks, currencies, ETFs, commodities, and other assets through your account there. There is also the option of tracking so-called smart portfolios. This strategy is automatically followed by agents with experience in certain fields. Those using these smart portfolios at eToro as the basis for their trades will also benefit from the reorganization. Now set at US$500 as the new minimum amount.

Fair competition

With a new minimum amount per transaction, eToro demonstrates its determination to compete fairly with other platforms. We think: This step makes the overall eToro package more appealing, not just for beginners. At eToro, you can also start with a demo mode to approach the topic of risk-free investment strategies.

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