Not depositing coins into Binance – Causes and solutions

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Not depositing coins into Binance is a rare error with Binance users. This is not the fault of the Binance exchange. Depositing into Binance means that the user uses an account A (which may or may not be a Binance account) containing coins and deposits coins into the Binance B account. The user usually causes cases of failure to deposit funds into Binance. Perform some operations incorrectly during the deposit process. This article,, will help you find out the cause and how to fix this situation.

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Reasons for not being able to top up coins on Binance

Some of the reasons why you may not be able to top up your Binance account are as follows:

  • Recharge does not fill or enter wrong TAG/Memo/Payment ID
  • Enter the wrong address of the wallet to receive money on Binance
  • Enter the wrong address of the receiving wallet that does not belong to Binance

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How to fix the error of not depositing coins into Binance

Enter wrong/do not enter tag/Memo/Payment ID

Tag/Memo or Payment ID is additional address information and the wallet address to identify the transaction recipient. Therefore, if you do not fill in or enter this information incorrectly, you will not deposit the money into the Binance account.

When you encounter this situation, you should contact Binance customer care for help. You follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Binance customer support link:

Step 2: Fill in the required information. You can refer to “How to fill out the form” if there is a part that you don’t know how to fill out.

not depositing coins into Binance

  • Coin/token: The coin/token you just loaded is incorrect
  • Source Address: The wallet address used to send you to coin
  • Deposit amount
  • TxID: In case you do not know the corresponding TxID, contact the customer service department of the exchange containing the deposited wallet at the link:
    Then click “Submit”.
  • Note: Binance staff will only assist you in the chat window on the Binance platform. If someone contacted via other means claims to be a Binance employee, it’s a scam. Never give the OTP to anyone.

Deposit wrong wallet address on Binance

When depositing coins, the sender accidentally entered the wrong address of the receiving wallet. If the sender also uses a wallet on the Binance exchange, Binance staff can assist you in finding it back, to the extent possible. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You access the customer support link:

Step 2: Select the tab: “Deposit crypto”, select the problem you are facing:

Step 3: Binance pops up the instructions to solve the problem you choose. If the problem is not resolved, click “Unsolved” then describe your error recharge problem in detail:

  • Deposit account
  • Currency
  • Deposit address
  • Amount of money
  • TxID
  • If possible, attach a screenshot showing the error you’re getting.

Binance staff will assist via the Binance chat window. If it matches the search request, they will help you. The retrieval process may take a month or more. If your situation is beyond Binance’s control, you must accept this risk because this is not Binance’s fault.

Fill in the wrong address of the receiving wallet that does not belong to Binance.

Suppose you deposit to a non-Binance wallet address but enter the wrong information. Binance will not be able to assist you. Therefore, you must be very careful when performing cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal operations.

If you find the owner of the wallet address that accidentally received the wrong coin, you can negotiate to get the coin back.


Binance is a major cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Their 1-day trading volume sometimes reaches tens of billions of dollars. Usually, finding the coin that has been transferred to the wrong/wrong address… takes a lot of time and workforce. And so it’s not the exchange’s fault, so you can’t claim the exchange. Therefore, you need to be careful while performing your operation. You should use a QR scan code or use the Copy/paste operation to avoid confusion.

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