Receive “Not enough money” on MT4. How do I fix it?

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When trading crypto on XM MT4, some people can get the “Not enough money” error. This error means that the balance on XM MT4 is not enough to execute the trade. So what is the cause, and how to fix it? Let’s find out in the article below.

Why does MT4 say “Not enough money”?

There are many different reasons why an account receives an insufficient balance message.

The first reason is the most common: the user account balance is too small, and not enough to open a trade.

Or do not have enough funds to cover trading costs, such as margin or spread.

  • Margin: is the minimum amount that an investor must deposit to the broker to open a position in the market.
  • Spread: Most current international Forex brokers do not charge commission on trading. Instead, they will charge on the spread and spread changes based on market volatility and liquidity.

Also, if a new user deposits several XM accounts and immediately logs in to MT4 to trade, the server connection is faulty. MT4 has not been able to update the amount you just deposited. Therefore when you place a trade order, an error of insufficient account balance may be displayed.

How to fix the “Not enough money” error?

With server failure, users need to wait a few minutes for the system to return to normal.

If the problem is in the high spreads – the trader needs to wait for the right moment, for example, a favorable price movement, to place an order.

Placing a pending order at the desired price can also be helpful as the order will be opened at the current funds in your trading account without any errors.

In addition, you can take some other immediate action to handle this error:

If you continue to experience this error, don’t hesitate to get in touch with XM Support for further assistance.

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