The easiest way to use Trust Wallet, anyone can do it

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Trust Wallet is a mobile e-wallet application that supports dozens of blockchains and hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. It is an application acquired by Binance in 2018. The following article shows you how to use Trust Wallet in detail step by step: Introducing the interface, adding a coin to the wallet, or getting the coin wallet address.

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How to use Trust Wallet: Interface and features

After creating a successful Trust Wallet wallet, there are three primary tabs on the application interface: Wallet, Discover, Settings.

The Wallet tab has main functions, including Send, receive, buy, convert cryptocurrencies. The user wants to use any process, click on that function. Buying crypto on Trust Wallet is paid for by credit card, and this makes the exchange rate and transaction fee (about 3%) much higher than buying crypto from centralized exchanges like Binance. Therefore, this feature is rarely used by professional traders.

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  • Below is a list of cryptocurrencies users want to track.
  • Next to the list of cryptocurrencies is a list of user assets currently on the wallet.

Discover tab for users to access other features on Trust Wallet such as Staking, Defi, Lending…

  • Clicking on this tab, users will see some basic information such as the Annual profit rate corresponding to each project.
  • When you select any token, the screen goes to an interface that allows you to send and receive that token or view a chart and related details.

The Settings tab allows users to manage all information related to the application, including:

  • Wallets: Create a new acount. Users can create different Trust Wallets on the same application.
  • Security & Push Notifications: Security settings, notifications for wallets.
  • Preferences: Set transaction currency and display language
  • Price Alerts: Set price alerts
  • WalletConnect: Connect Trust Wallet with other wallets
  • Below is information on social networking sites and support contact with Trust Wallet.

How to add a coin to Trust Wallet

After opening an account, users see some default cryptocurrencies on the Wallet tab. To add a coin to the wallet, click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, select the enable button next to the coin type you want to add, and press [Done].

How to get an address to receive coins from another wallet and transfer it to Trust Wallet?

  • On the Wallet Tab, click on the coin you want to receive
  • Click to select [Recevie].
  • The wallet address to receive the selected coin appears on the screen. The wallet is displayed as a QR code and text. User can send a QR code image or press [Copy] to have the sender enter this address in the recipient section of the sending wallet.

How to use Trust Wallet to send coins to another wallet?

  • Similar to receiving coins, select the type of coin you want to send on the Wallet tab.
  • Click [Send]
  • Enter the number of coins you want to send in the [Amount] box, click [Paste] to enter the previously copied recipient wallet address, or click on the QR scan symbol to scan the QR code of the receiving wallet.
  • Click [Next] to continue performing coin deposit operations.


Above are some basic instructions on using Trust Wallet to send and receive coins. In general, Trust Wallet has a relatively simple and easy-to-use interface. In the following articles, we will learn how to use other features on Trust Wallet such as Staking, Lending / Borrowing, …

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