Trade Ideas vs. Trading View: Is Trade Ideas a better trading platform than Trading View in 2022?

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Trade-Ideas vs TradingView are two multi-functional trading platforms, providing attractive features for investors such as filtering stocks, analyzing charts, and sharing specific trading ideas… The article below helps traders have more reference information to choose a trading platform more suitable for their individual needs.

Overview of Trade Ideas and TradingView

TradingView is a charting platform launched in 2011 that allows users to monitor charts, perform market analysis and connect to trading accounts of listed brokers. Currently, the TradingView platform has more than 30 million monthly users. The platform is available with features including Professional charting tools, social networks for sharing trading ideas, stock filters, and high customizability…

Trade-Ideas was launched in 2002 with the original goal of serving the users of e*Trade. In recent years, Trade-Ideas has become more trader-friendly, and smart stock filtering has attracted more and more people to know about the platform.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a stock chart analysis platform and trading social network launched in 2011. TradingView has both free and paid accounts for users to choose from. Users can use TradingView to view price charts of different asset classes, including stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and futures.

Besides, TradingView has an interactive feature on its trading social network, allowing users to publish their trading ideas and share them with the community. TradingView can be used directly on the web or downloaded as an application on phones and computers. Thus, users can easily monitor the price chart or perform technical analysis at any time conveniently and quickly.

What is Trade-Ideas?

Trade-Ideas launched around the early 2000s with a stock filter feature that helps users select suitable trading opportunities according to predefined configurations. The Trade Ideas platform has a customizable design that is convenient for each individual and is very easy to use with drag and drop features to change without using complicated programming languages.

The Trade Ideas platform can pick out stocks that are rising suddenly after the news and which stocks are rising or falling. In addition, Trade-Ideas also helps users find trading ideas with buy/sell or exit time.

Compare the chart of Trade Ideas vs TradingView.

In terms of charting features, TradingView is more prominent with comprehensive charting software, with many technical indicators and flexible customization features. Users can quickly enter and use arrows shared by members of the community. TradingView allows users to view up to eight charts simultaneously with different custom timeframes.

Meanwhile, Trade-Ideas offers basic charting with popular technical indicators and no customization options.

Trade-Ideas and TradingView stock screener

Both Trade Ideas and TradingView platforms offer robust stock scanning and filtering.

This is an outstanding feature of Trade Ideas from its launch. Users can easily set up filters by topics such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, or SPAC stocks. Trade-Ideas can run dozens of stock filters simultaneously, and they are automatically refreshed after a few seconds. Trade-Ideas has AI on Holly that simulates various trading strategies. Through AI, Trade-Ideas helps users choose the most profitable trading ideas, including entry and exit prices. Users need to follow the description easily.

Trade Ideas’ stock filtering feature is the most powerful on the market. The platform allows it to download 40 stock filters categorized by rising, falling, or most popular stocks on sites like, Reddit, and Twitter. Trade-Ideas has pre-filtered presets such as Stocks under $20 are growing fast, stocks fell sharply yesterday, stocks bullish candlestick patterns… Other pre-configured scans to choose from are Stocks below $20 are proliferating, stocks Huge drop yesterday, significant gain today,” and stocks that demonstrate a “Bullish Candlestick Pattern”.

TradingView also has a pretty powerful active stock filtering feature. Users can filter stocks by technical indicators or fundamental analysis. TradingView’s stock filter results are automatically refreshed every 10 seconds. In addition, TradingView allows users to share and access data sources from the community, including trading ideas, simple or detailed analysis, and technical indicators shared by contributing members.

Compare prices using TradingView’s advanced account vs Trade Ideas

Both TradingView and Trade Ideas have free accounts for users. However, TradingView’s advanced version is much cheaper than Trade-Ideas. TradingView offers a Pro account package for only $ 155 / year, and the most advanced package is Premium, priced at $ 599 / year. The differences between these account types include the number of charts a user can view simultaneously and the number of indicators they can add to their charts.

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Overview of Trade Ideas vs TradingView. Comparison of charts, stock screener, advanced account pricing and more

Trade-Ideas start at $1068/year for the Standard plan (the lowest) and go up to $2,269/year for the Premium account. The Premium account allows users to access trading ideas powered by Holly’s AI.

Overview of Trade Ideas vs TradingView. Comparison of charts, stock screener, advanced account pricing and more

Types of properties offered

TradingView has once again prevailed over Trade-Ideas. TradingView offers a more heavy volume of assets, including stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities…

Meanwhile, Trade Ideas is limited to focusing more on stocks.

Trading social network

TradingView and Trade Ideas platforms are available in chat rooms allowing traders to interact with each other. However, TradingView has developed a more robust trading social network. Traders can share trading ideas on TradingView, and members can comment and refer to other members’ trading ideas.

Conclusion: TradingView vs Trade Ideas which software is better for traders

Both TradingView and Trade Ideas platforms are appreciated for their design, ability to provide charts, and robust trading ideas.

If users trade stocks actively, Trade-Ideas can be a favorite choice that helps users easily select a detailed list of stocks with many available criteria. Trade-Ideas also features a robust AI algorithm that helps identify the best trading opportunities.

Trading View is more prominent because it can connect with many brokers and offers many types of assets. In addition, TradingView is also famous for its thriving trading social network. Traders who want to exchange and learn from the global community cannot ignore TradingView.

Besides TradingView and Trade Ideas, users can also learn another charting platform, Thinkorswim.

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