Trading Guide on Open and close orders from mobile phone

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Trading Guide on Open and close orders from the mobile phone. When opening an account at any exchange, your main purpose is to make transactions (Buy or sell) an asset with the hope of making a profit. allows you to make trades (buy or sell), using different leverage levels quite flexible. The following article will learn about the different types of orders and opening order them on In addition, you will also learn how to close orders when the trade has reached its target.

Trading Guide on

Correct understanding of buy and sell orders on

On, there are 2 orders, including Buy order and Sell order.

A buy order is executed to buy an asset on Capital when you see a bullish signal in the market in the future. After executing the buy order, the higher the price, the more profit you make. Conversely, if the price drops, you will lose. Once the trade has reached the price target, you can close the order manually, set the stop loss, and take profit levels to close the trade.

A sell order is not to sell previously purchased assets, as many newcomers mistakenly believe. When you want to sell a previously purchased asset, you close the transaction—no need to execute any more sell orders.

Sell ​​Order here is understood as Short Sell (SELL). Sell ​​orders are executed when you see a bearish signal in the future. The more the market falls, the more profitable you are. And if the market goes up, you lose. When you want to take profit or stop loss for a trade, you can close the order manually by closing the order or pre-set the stop loss, take profit when opening the order.

Trading Guide on Open orders from mobile phone

Trading Guide on How to open and close orders on from your mobile phone. To open trading on, you need to open a trading account first. If you do not have an account, please click on the link below to open a account:

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After logging in to your account, you open a trading order as follows:

Step 1: Find the transaction code you want

Click on each list of symbols on the trades tab to find the token you want to open an order with.

Or click on the [Search] tab to find the exact asset you want to trade.

Step 2: Fill in the parameters to open the command:

View information related to trading assets: Price chart, buy price, sell price, … to determine the expected trend (will increase or decrease in the future)
Click [How to change] to select the leverage you want to use. If not using leverage, you choose 1:1.

Enter the quantity you want to buy/or sell. Click the keyboard icon to switch to dialing mode as you like.

Click Buy or Sell according to your trading strategy.

Step 3: Confirm transaction execution

If you don’t want to confirm this next time, click on the button to enable [One tab trading]. If you still want to have the transaction confirmation step, you can skip it.

Then click [Confirm].

After completing the above step, you will see your trade just executed in the [Portfolio] tab, [Transactions] section.

Trading Guide on

How to close a trading order from a mobile phone
Once the trade has reached the target price, you want to close the order to make a profit. Or, when the trade does not go in the desired direction, you want to close the order to reduce your loss. You do the following:

Step 1: Click the [Portfolio] tab, select [Trades] to see the list of open orders.

Step 2: Click on the order you want to close.

Trading Guide on

Step 3: Click [Close Trade]

Trading Guide on

Above is a detailed step-by-step guide for you to open an order (buy or sell) on and how to close an active order. These instructions are made on mobile phones. Operations on the platform are made quite simple. But to be profitable when trading, you need to know technical analysis knowledge and have a suitable trading strategy.

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