Understand the functions on the Capital.com chart

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For traders/investors, it is extremely important to understand the components of the price chart, helping them to exploit and effectively use the features available on the Capital.com floor. In the article below, we will help you understand the functions on the Capital.com price chart.

How to open a chart of an asset on Capital.com

Step 1: Type the asset name in the “Search” box in the “Transactions” tab. The price chart will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click to expand the price chart window by clicking on the 2-way arrow symbol in the right corner of the chart.

Understand the functions on the Capital.com chart

Understand the functions on the Capital.com chart

The chart area is the main display place of the chart. Here you can use:

  • Button + or – to zoom in/out the chart
  • Reset chart display to previous settings

Upper toolbar (from left to right in turn):

  • The upper left corner is the stock’s ticker
  • Feature (+) to add assets to the watchlist
  • A tool to add/remove charts
  • The timeframe of the chart (from 1 minute to 1 week)
  • Bid price or Ask price
  • Chart types (Japanese candles, lines, bars, …)
  • Indicators that support technical analysis
  • Drawing tools
  • Layers (tools on the current chart)
  • Expand button to enlarge/reduce the chart display area
  • Buy/Sell Order

Right these functions are the Opening price, High price, Low price, and Closing price of the session.

Understand the functions on the Capital.com chart

The bottom horizontal bar represents the timeline

The vertical column represents the transaction price

Above is how to exploit the functions of the price chart on Capital.com. In order to use all those functions fluently, you need to learn in detail each folder inside it and execute it. practice regularly. Happy trading!


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