Understand the Interface of the MT4 mobile app

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After installing the MT4 mobile application and accessing your MT4 trading account, you will see four tabs on the display screen, including Quotes, Chart, Trade, Past Data, and Settings.

Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

1. The Quotes tab

In this tab, you can see information on the real-time prices of financial instruments. 

The default display of the Quotes shows the following specific price information below:

  • Financial instrument name
  • Bid price
  • Ask price

To see more information such as spread, the lowest price (Low), and the highest price for the current day (High), you need to switch from the default display (Simple) to Advanced.

Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

In addition, you are also allowed to customize the price list as you wish.

  • To add a new symbol, tap on (+) at the upper right corner of the screen -> choose Forex -> tap (+) on the left of your desired instrument. Or use the search bar at the top of the screen to search more quickly. 
  • To adjust the symbol display order, tap on the pencil icon on the top left -> click on the 3 line menu icon on the desired symbol and hold it, drag the symbol to the desired position.
  • If you want to hide an unnecessary symbol, touch the pencil symbol on the top left -> select the symbol -> then tap on the trash icon.

Notes: You can not hide a financial instrument for which you open positions or charts.

Besides, for your convenience, you can also open the “Trade” window, view its chart and details by tapping on a particular symbol and holding it for 2 seconds.

2. The Chart tab

The Chart shows the price history over time. You can add drawing tools and indicators to the chart for technical analysis. 

At the main screen of the chart tab, each function is shown from left to right as follows:

  • Time frame – MT4 mobile app offers nine different timeframes from 1 minute (M1) to 1 day (D1). Click on the current timeframe on the chart and customize it to your liking.
  • CrossHair – Allows traders to view an exact date, price, and indicator values at any point of a chart.
  • Indicators – Add or remove indicators displayed on the chart. MT4 offers more than 30 technical indicators on MT4 mobile devices.
  • Drawing tools – Add objects manually to a chart for analytical purposes. This group of functions includes Lines, Channels, Gann Tools, Elliott Tools, and Shapes.
Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

To see the chart of another instrument, go back to the Quotes tab, click on the desired instrument and select “Chart”. Its chart will appear.

3. The Trade tab

The Trade tab features the current state of a trade account, current positions, and pending orders. 

Account State: The current state of a trade account is shown at the top of the tab, including some information such as:

  • Profit – the total result of the current trade positions,
  • Balance – the amount available in your trading account (not taking the current profit/loss into account). You may use these funds to open new trades.
  • Equity – the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions and thereby realize your current gains or losses. 
  • Margin – It shows how much is allocated to the investment instruments.
  • Free Margin – It is calculated as Equity – Margin. 
  • Margin Level – the percentage of the account equity to the margin volume. 

Current open positions: By default, some information is shown here, such as position type, the price change (the difference between the open price and the current price), profit, the time when the position was opened, stop loss, take profit, swap, taxes, charges. To see more details, tap once on the position line.

Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

Other than that, you can also open new orders and adjust the parameters of open trades. 

To open a BUY/SELL position:

  • Tap (+) in the upper right corner of the “Trade” tab.
  • Select the symbol by clicking on the arrow next to the current symbol.
  • Choose order type: MT4 software will default to a market-based order. Your order will be executed according to the price at that time. Or you can switch to Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, or Sell Stop orders.
  • Enter Stop Loss, Take Profit.
  • Tab Buy or Sell to open a new order.

To modify or close the current trade, please hold the desired order for a few seconds (or swipe from right to left). The options will appear: Close, Edit, Trade (add a new order), or view the chart.

4. The History tab

This tab shows your transaction history by day/week/month or optional period. 

There are three operation viewing modes: the initial deposit, orders, and Deals.

  • The initial deposit – the total fund you deposited into the trading account, the date, and the time of your deposit.
  • Orders – Closed positions are listed here. To see more details of each order, tap once on the order line.
  • Deals – the result of deal execution for the selected period is shown here.
Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

5. The Settings tab

In this section, you can view, manage, and adjust account-related settings.

  • The currently connected account – its details are displayed at the top, including the server name and the access point. Tap on the account name at the top. You will see all your saved trading account.
  • New Account – open a new account or log in to other MT4 accounts here.
  • Mailbox – view your emails.
  • News – financial news will be updated here. You can categorize your favorite news or delete any news if you want.
  • Chats and messages – history of received push notifications
  • Trader community – switch to the MQL5 community to communicate with other investors and access other services (signals, robots, etc.). If you do not have an MQL5 account, you can register here.
  • OTP – generate OTP password for MT4 account.
  • Interface – select the display language for the MT4 mobile app.
  • Chart – settings to display the chart (chart type, color, etc.).
  • Logs – view MetaTrader 4 for mobile logs.
  • Settings – view information about the app and open settings, including security certificates.
Understand the interface of the MT4 mobile app

In conclusion, mastering the MT4 interface will help you make the most of it and trade more efficiently. In the following articles, we will continue to guide you through basic trading operations on MT4.


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