Unique features only available on the Binance Pro app

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Binance is a cryptocurrency trading app available on both Android and IOS. Regardless of the level of inexperienced or professional users, App Binance provides a suitable mode with two versions, including Pro and Lite. The following article introduces special features on the Binance Pro App and makes it easier for users to access and use this version.

What is the Binance Pro App?

The Binance Pro App is built for professional crypto traders and is commonly used by professional traders. The Binance Pro App has advanced security options, tools, and apps. Active crypto traders generally prefer Binance Pro. Pro offers users the convenience of using as they are already well versed and experienced in the Binance app. The Binance Lite version shows the default on first use, but users can switch between Binance Pro and Lite, whichever is more appropriate.

Unique features only available on Binance Pro

Binance Pro can be considered an advanced version for Binance users who want to take advantage of the features of investing and making money from the cryptocurrency market. The interface of Binance Pro is quite user-friendly but not as simple as that of Binance Lite. In short, anyone can use Binance Pro, but not everyone needs and uses all the features on this version.

First, Binance Professional has full features of Binance Earn, including Liquidity Farming, Earn, Savings, Staking, Crypto Loans, Pool, ETH2.0, Dual Investment, BNB Vault, Launchpad, PolkaDOT Auction. Each Earn feature is different depending on the mechanism used in a particular blockchain but typically involves locking down cryptocurrency to validate something of value and receive rewards. In addition, users can also use the automatic investment feature (Auto Invest) to generate passive income and need to be aware of the risks encountered before deciding to invest.

Binance Lite also has a few Earn features (BNB Vault and Flexible Savings), but the features are minimal as this Lite is not made for advanced functions. Therefore, if a user wants to get the most out of this part, it is best to use Binance Pro.

Binance Pro also provides Futures, Margin, Spot features with different order types. The information on the prices of cryptocurrencies is also more in-depth. Users can check the trading volume, the 24-hour price change of a coin, and which coins are increasing or depreciating. This version of the app also offers real-time trading charts with risk ratios. In addition, Binance Pro allows users to view trading pairs and add the best pairs to the favorites list.

Binance Pro App homepage interface

On the Home tab, all the information is in one page. Users will find the latest news from Binance, products, features of Binance: Deposit, referral, tournament, margin, auto investment, as well as a list of active cryptocurrencies. Details are as follows:

  • On the top of the page are banners advertising the latest updates from Binance.
  • Following are some of the most commonly used and distinctive features of Binance. To access full Binance features, click More.
  • Below is an option to help users quickly buy cryptocurrency to pay by Credit Card.
  • Scrolling down is the option to access the Binance Earn page with all the features on the website.
  • Below is a list of the best performing cryptocurrencies and other options tabs.
Binance Pro's Home page has all the information on one page
Binance Pro’s Home page has all the information on one page

Markets Tab: List of Cryptocurrency Pairs Trading on Binance

In the Markets tab, users can easily search for any crypto pairs available on Binance using the [Search Coin Pairs] tool. The list of coins is also divided by Spot market, Futures, and different Zones: POW, POS, NFT, Defi, ETF…

In addition, users can also change the watch list of their favorite cryptocurrency pairs on the Favorites tab by clicking on the pen image in the right corner of the screen. To add other currency pairs to this list, click Add Favorites.

Users can customize their favorite crypto pairs watchlist on Binance Pro
Users can customize their favorite crypto pairs watchlist on Binance Pro

Detailed information about that coin pair is displayed by clicking on a trading pair. The information includes:

  • Price of cryptocurrencies in BTC, as well as USDT, the volume traded in the last 24 hours, highest and lowest points
  • Candlestick charts of cryptocurrency pairs with technical indicators and charting tools.
  • Trading information, the asset’s rating, its market capitalization, the number of tokens in circulation, and the total token supply.
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Trade Tab: Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

The Trade tab is undoubtedly the most important tab of the app. It will allow users to trade using various features, including Convert, Spot, Margin, Fiat, and P2P.

  • Users can easily switch to the chart view, buy more coins or access some other features from the options in the right corner of the screen.
  • Traders can also choose from different orders corresponding to each trading feature.
  • Users can also scroll down to see open transactions (Open Orders), check the current assets in the wallet (Funds tab), or view transaction history and order history.
All trading-related features and transaction management are accessed from the Trade tab.
All trading-related features and transaction management are accessed from the Trade tab.

Futures Tab: Futures Trading Features

Like the Trade Tab, the Futures tab gives users easy access to various Futures trading features, including USDT-M, Coin-M, Options, Battle. Users can easily place Buy or Sell orders from the Futures tab or view charts and manage transactions like in the Trade tab.

Wallet Tab: Receive and Send Cryptocurrency

This tab allows you to manage all your funds in all types of markets. It occupies four main functions:

  • See the total value of your portfolio in BTC and the individual value of your assets
  • Deposit: to deposit crypto on Binance
  • Withdrawal: to deposit crypto on Binance
  • Transfer: to transfer your assets in the Binance ecosystem to other wallets
The Wallets tab to manage all their funds in different markets
The Wallets tab to manage all their funds in different markets

How to install the Binance Pro app?

To use Binance Pro, users must meet the following criteria:

  • Android users need to update to 1.32.0 or higher; iOS users need to update to 2.21.0 or later.
  • Log in to your Binance account on the app installed in your phone. If you do not have an account, follow the link below:

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To switch between the Lite version and the Pro version, users access the dashboard in the Binance app, click on the button next to the word [Binance Lite]

Switch to the Binance Pro App
Switch to the Binance Pro App

The Binance Pro app, though packed with features, is quite intuitive and easy to use. In particular, the features on the Binance Pro app are entirely complete with the Web platform. Binance also has apps for PC and Macbook, in addition to a web version. If users want more information about Binance, see The Complete Binance Guide from a to z.


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