What is Binance Launchpad? How to make money on Launchpad

TutorialsOctober 12, 2021

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In a word, this is the exclusive token issuance platform of Binance. Suppose there is a project through Binance Launchpad to raise capital. Conversely, if you are an investor, you can also choose a project recommended by Launchpad to buy tokens and invest in that project.

What is Binance Launchpad? How to make money on Launchpad

What is Binance Launchpad?

Binance Launchpad is often called a “launchpad” for blockchain projects, helping these projects raise capital and help projects access the crypto ecosystem.

Projects, when introduced, will reach over 10 million users of Binance. Meanwhile, Binance users will also have the opportunity to invest in projects by purchasing IEO tokens.

What is the process to get a project listed on Binance Launchpad?

A project on the Launchpad needs to go through a standard Binance moderation process. If the project meets the strict requirements set out, it will be accepted.

Binance Launchpad Reviewing Factors

  • The project has developed quite fully and matured.
  • The project must be responsive and scalable.
  • The project must have a team of experienced and dedicated work.
  • That project must have the potential for growth and development in favor of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

If you have a project that meets the above processes and passes Binance censorship, it will be available on Launchpad. Then, your project will have the opportunity to get users’ attention on Binance, and they will invest by buying that project’s token.

How to invest in tokens on Binance Launchpad?

If you do not own a blockchain project but are interested and want to invest in similar projects. You can participate in buying IEO tokens introduced on Binance Launchpad. However, users will also have to meet some requirements and terms of Binance regarding contributions to token services.

Steps to buying Binance Launchpad tokens

Step 1: Open a Binance account

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Step 2: Verify Binance Account

Step 3: Visit the Binance Launchpad homepage or on the Binance homepage, click on the window-shaped menu and search for [Launchpad]

On the Launchpad screen, click on the project being introduced to view detailed information. If the project you are viewing is not suitable, you can click “View all” to see other projects.

Step 4: Wait until the opening time for sale. You click to reload the page, the BUY button appears, click and enter the number of tokens you want to buy.


  • You must own BNB in ​​the Spot wallet to be used during the subscription period.
  • You are only allowed to contribute a certain amount in each token sale round. This amount will vary from project to project to ensure that many people are involved in the sale.
  • The token sale rate will be locked on the day of the sale or the token sale. This time will be notified to the user.

Step 5: You go back to check in the Orders orders. If the command you just executed appears, it is successful. Because it is possible that if you do not press BUY in time, the token will no longer be available to you.


So we have just learned about Binance Launchpad for both those who have projects who want to join the “launcher” and those who want to invest. This is quite an exciting feature and can bring many profit opportunities for everyone. However, you also need to learn carefully about the project’s information before investing to determine whether the potential of that project is excellent and effective.

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