What is the maximum leverage level on Capital.com

BlogOctober 8, 2021

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Capital.com offers higher leverage, up to 100:1 for retail accounts and 200:1 for Plus & Premier accounts compared to other brokers. 

For a retail account, the maximum leverage levels applied to each specific market is as follows:

  • Forex (currency):  100:1
  • Index (index): 100:1
  • Commodity: 100:1
  • Shares (shares): 20:1
  • Cryptocurrencies (crypto): 20:1

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Note: For new accounts, leverage will be set to maximum by default. Therefore, you need to adjust the leverage ratio in advance, which is extremely important but often overlooked by those new to the Capital.com platform. 

In addition, if you want to trade with even higher leverage, you could upgrade your current account to Pro account tier.


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