What is the minimum trade size on eToro?

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When using the eToro trading platform, investors are interested in the minimum amount to open an order. In this article, we make it clear.

What is the minimum trade size on eToro?

Minimum trade size is the minimum amount you must spend to open a trade. On eToro, the minimum trade sizes of asset classes are different.

As of December 5, 2021, the minimum trade size for all eToro users is:

Asset ClassNew Minimum Trade Size

Please note that minimum trade size includes leverage*.

Example: If an eToro user opens a position in oil (commodities), which has minimum trade size of $1,000, they can invest a smaller amount, as long as the position leverages minimum. For this example, a user can invest $100 using X10 leverage and still meet the minimum trade size requirement.

* Use of leverage may be limited by European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) measures.

However, keep in mind that the eToro platform is a global platform. In some countries, there will be separate financial regulations. So minimum trade sizes for different assets apply depending on the country or when the user joined eToro.

Suppose your minimum trade size is different from the above. Don’t hesitate to contact eToro support to check and get the answer.

Minimum trade size for copy trade

The minimum amount required to copy another trader is $200, and the minimum for each copy position is $1.

However, when starting to copy a popular investor. You should read their referral to know how much they recommend you start copying them? Because if you copy too little money, there are trades you copy under them under 1 dollar. The order is not in your account. And so, the effect of copying works differs slightly from that of popular investors.

Minimum trade size for Smart Portfolio funds

The minimum amount required to invest in Smart Portfolio funds is $500. For GainersQtr, SharpTraders, and ActiveTraders, the minimum required amount is $5,000.

  • GainersQtr, ActiveTraders: It is a portfolio of copying various users on the eToro Trading Platform selected by a system algorithm from the eToro database.
  • SharpTraders: This Smart Portfolio investment strategy bundles investors with yearly average risk scores ranging from 2 to 7 at a descending rate. It is rebalanced quarterly and comprises only investors with high Sharpe ratio results and significant gains. Each trader in the portfolio is set a 5% stop-loss to prevent large drawdowns. 

Benefit from low minimum trade size

eToro has evolved and expanded tremendously over the years. They have had to adjust and tweak our offerings with each new territory to match local regulations, audiences, and available instruments. 

The minimum trade size can be a barrier to entry for some users who want to diversify their portfolio or start exploring new markets with small capital.

Furthermore, it is crucial to eToro that users worldwide have the same easy-to-use experience on the eToro platform, no matter where they are located. As a result, eToro has reduced the minimum transaction size and ensured that it would be identified anywhere in the world.

The low minimum trade sizes allow users to diversify their portfolios even further. And make their eToro experience even more enjoyable.


The minimum trade size of the eToro trading platform is relatively low compared to other exchanges. It allows investors to start trading with a minimal amount of capital.

Or other investors can experiment with trading other assets, diversifying their portfolios.

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